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Customer Reviews

Based on 1080 reviews
Tastes great!

I am so happy to finally be able to use a protein powder that I can use in my blender worry free due to my children's food allergies. I haven't purchased any since we found out our kids had food allergies due to the allergen labels on them. Nutracelle, also tastes better than all the one's I've used in the past. It actually does keep me full for hours. Such a great product!

Feeling good inside and loving it.

After using this protein powder for a while. I'm feeling better than I have in a very long time. No reflux or upset tummy.Plus the fact it makes it alot easier to get my daily protein in each day. I really love these shakes and the fact I can also add it to things I'm cooking.Thank you so much for everything.Big Hug

Thank you SO much Rozena - we're so happy that your Nutracelle has helped with your tummy issues! That's exactly why we do what we do ♥. Thanks for being a part of the fam! We love you!
Love the Nutrabites!

Very tasty snacks with a good dose of protein. I especially like the mint ones.
The Nutralean is, as always, delicious and super versatile. Highly recommend for anyone wishing to add protein to their diet without the added rubbish that other brands can contain.

Thank you for this incredible review, Alison! You nailed it! We love our all-natural products and are so proud to be a safe, healthy alternative to those other guys! ♥ We think you're a 5/5 too!
Coffee Mocha

I LOVE IT!!! I like the taste and that I can mix it with water or whatever types of milks I like. It mixes up really well no clumps, no yucky after taste. I also plan to cook with it soon.

We couldn't agree more, Cindy!! We're SO proud of our Nutralean! ♥ We can't wait to see what you make!! Be sure to join us on NutraTalk and show off all of your yummy food! Thanks for this incredible review and for being a part of the family! ♥
Best I ever had

I just love Nuracelle so much. I've shared it with family and friends. I've even made things with it and my family loved them.My first order was the best thing I had ever boyfriend loves it too. I thank you for all you so to make things better for all of us that love has changed my and my belief in protein powders. You really have renewed my faith smile I love everyone of them I have tried.thank you again so much ❤

Thank you SO much Rozena!! We're so happy that you love your Nutralean and that you found us! We appreciate you and this amazing review! ♥

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