NUTRALEAN Prebiotic Protein Powder | Natural (Unflavoured)

NATURAL UNFLAVOURED NUTRALEAN: A sneaky way to add protein & fiber to almost anything. Replace unhealthy flour & sugar with natural protein powder for weight loss in our easy, simple recipes, making your favourite foods into the perfect nutrition and keeping you full for longer!

Blend our unflavored, unsweetened protein powder into almost anything to make EVERY snack or meal healthier! Pizza crust, bread, pancakes, veggie dips, oatmeal even mac n’ cheese!

Our all natural protein powder for weight loss features the same unmatched creaminess, smooth taste and easy mixability as our other protein powders, making this the best unflavored protein powder on the market.

You can use this protein powder in your favourite recipes or learn from our incredible range of unflavoured protein powder recipes to stay satisfied and energised while drastically reducing your sugar and fat intake.

We have put a lot of effort into formulating the best natural/unflavored protein powder for weight loss, and one taste will have you agreeing - we’ve nailed it!

Still unsure?

Have a browse of our reviews below to see what our existing customers think!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1108 reviews
    Christmas was a breeze with these delicious shakes!!!

    I have to say, while many of my close friends were "over-indulging and over-paying" in festive specialty coffee drinks, I stuck to my shakes or made them fancy with chrused ice and added some spices for extra touch. Never have I felt soooo good, satiated and healthy during my previous holiday seasons, THANK YOU Nutracelle!

    LOVE this, Andrea!! Great point on the over-indulging AND over-paying!! There's a better way: the Nutracelle way! Thank you so much ♥

    I love everything!!
    I could eat the gummies like candy! I have to remind myself that they’re vitamins lol.

    Brenda!! We're the SAME! We always have to put the bottles out of sight to stop from eating more haha. They're SO delicious, but it makes it so easy to take them every day! Thanks for the awesome review!! ♥
    just can't get enough of the salted caramel!

    HAVE TO ADMIT THIS ONE IS A STAPLE IN MY KITCHEN. MY FAMILY AND I LOVE IT! Probably my 5 th bag since I became a member of the Nutracelle Family this past summer. Highly recommend, try it you'll LOVE IT!

    YES! YES! YES! 'Staple' is the perfect word! We cannot be without our Salted Caramel, so we totally understand. Thanks for the awesome review, Andrea! ♥
    Coffee Mocha just became my new favourite addittion to coffee

    It is delicious, and indulgent, wonderful and healthy addition to my morning java or delicious evening snack that I can make at home with some blended ice and a touch of raspberry syrup :-)

    Yummm! Also, if you're feeling adventurous - Melanie's husband Blair LOVES his Coffee Mocha with strawberries thrown in! Let us know if you give that a try and what you think! ;)
    Gut health and protein are SO important!!

    Love this stuff! Love that it keeps the bloat down, it’s a great meal replacer for promoting fat loss. It’s a great way to keep your protein intake up, most of us don’t get enough, and this is a yummy way to make sure you do. I always get the bundles now it’s a great deal! It’s has become part of regular
    My groceries

    We LOVE this review, Brittany!! You nailed it!! Thanks so much for being a part of our family, we appreciate you! ♥