Clean Eating Made Simple 

More Than Smoothies Cookbook by Melanie Wildman Spread
How healthy is your diet, really? 

Do you know what goes onto your plate? Statistics show that processed foods account for over 70 percent of the U.S. diet.

These products not only promote weight gain but also affect your health and well-being. On top of that, they have little or no nutritional value. 

An Easy Way to Eat Better?

The only way to make sure you're eating clean is to cook your own food. This way, you'll have full control over the ingredients used and track your macros more easily.

Don't worry - it's no need to spend long hours in the kitchen. From yummy protein smoothies to delicious pancakes, there are plenty of recipes that take minutes to prepare. 

More Than Smoothies Cookbook at a Glance

This cookbook is packed with healthy meal ideas that make clean eating a breeze!
With some creativity, you have your cake and get lean too! It all comes down to the ingredients used. 

The recipes featured in More Than Smoothies Cookbook:

  • fit perfectly into your diet
  • are rich in protein
  • taste amazing
  • will satisfy your cravings instantly 

The Secret Power of Nutralean

Natural Nutralean
Nutralean, our secret powerfood ingredient, will help you cut calories painlessly. It's a great addition to:

  • easy breads and muffins
  • cookies, cakes and cupcakes
  • protein bars and balls
  • pizza and chicken fingers
  • diet protein shakes
  • weight loss smoothies
  • homemade brownies.

On top of that, it comes in a wide range of flavors that allow you to enjoy almost any dessert without ever compromising your health. 

Craving chocolate?

Make your own peppermint chocolate bark in just 30 minutes! All you need is Nutrealean, coconut oil, cocoa powder, and other basic ingredients. This yummy dessert requires no baking and melts into your mouth!

Or perhaps you want to quench your thirst with a refreshing beverage? Frappes and cappuccinos are chock-full of sugar. You really don’t need those extra carbs in your diet! Why not try a healthy iced caramel macchiato made with Nutralean Vanilla Cream? Ready in two minutes, this high-protein drink has less than two grams of sugar per serving. The flavor is out of this world! 

These are just a few of the many recipes featured in our cookbook. Whether you're craving fruit protein drinks, lemon meringue pie, or crunchy chips, we got you covered! 

Why This Cookbook Will Be Your New Favorite

Take any health magazine and you'll find at least one "clean" recipe. Not to mention all the food blogs and websites out there! Unfortunately, most recipes are bland and super complicated. Some take hours to prepare and require at least 10 ingredients. Others are nothing but junk food in disguise.

For instance, many so-called healthy recipes call for beet sugar, margarine, high fructose corn syrup, or canola oil. These ingredients are loaded with empty calories that add inches to your waistline. Moreover, they clog your arteries, cause indigestion, and mess up your hormones.

Let’s take brown sugar. What's makes you think it's better than white sugar? Just because it's natural, it doesn't mean it's good for health. Both types of sugar contain about the same number of calories per serving. Regular consumption puts you at risk for diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and obesity. Its side effects shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The recipes featured in our cookbook contain none of these harmful ingredients. We have used stevia, the best protein powder there is - Nutracelle's Nutralean, coconut milk, cinnamon, cottage cheese, and other whole foods. Most meals and desserts are low in carbs, so you can enjoy them anytime, day or night.

You’ll also find creamy smoothie recipes that curb hunger and delight your senses!

So, are you ready to clean up your diet? Download our cookbook today! Your meals will never be the same again!

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