Bariatric Coaching Package - Monthly

Struggling after Weight Loss Surgery?

You aren't alone! Connie Poss, a certified Bariatric Coach with over 8 years of experience is also a bariatric patient - so she understands what it's really like.

Get everything you need to succeed in your weight loss journey!  Our certified coaches are here to support you with the accountability you need.  Personalized plans, advice, and one-on-one sessions with your coach to ensure that your success always comes first.

 Full access to our Nudge Tracking app (syncs with fitbit, apple watch and more)
 Meal Plans customized just for you with shopping lists and more
 Monthly check-ins
 Unlimited email & text access with a certified coach
 Stay on track & feel confident you know just what to do!


Earn NutraPoints

Customer Reviews

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Connie is THE BEST!! I'm down 27 pounds and counting!! Woot!

Connie keeps me on track, I don't know what I would do without her! I gained almost 40 pounds back after losing over 125 pounds at my lowest and I was devastated. Connie not only helped me see where I was eating more than I realized, she created a meal plan that is super easy for me to stick to. And because she had weight loss surgery she really knows what works and what doesn't. I had tried a dietitician through my doctor, but they just kept telling me to exercise more and eat more meals and I was getting depressed. Connie showed me how to change my thinking and she keeps me accountable and motivated. She is always there and and I finally feel in control again. THANK YOU CONNIE!!!

We're so happy you love Connie!! (We do, too!) With years of experience, Connie is an incredible source of support, information, and coaching! Keep up the awesome work Erin, we're so happy for your success! ♥