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CHOCOLATE DREAM NUTRALEAN:Our velvety smooth chocolate protein powder is rich and chocolatey enough to be the best tasting chocolate protein powder on the market, while still being smooth enough to drink quickly and easily between workouts!

We also include 8g of prebiotic fiber which aids fat burn and don’t add any sugar or artificial sweeteners, making this the best chocolate protein powder for weight loss. Nutralean Prebiotic Protein Powder gives your body everything it needs and nothing extra, leaving you free to worry about what really matters - your workout!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Simply THE BEST! better than all the rest :)

    Dear Nutracelle Team, I can't begin to tell you how many protein powders, drinks, bars etc I have tried over the last couple of years, and none of them stayed in my life permanently...the taste, texture or versatility was always off, so I was left with barely used containers that I had spent quite a bit of money on and was left feeling guilty for not using them, but even that wasn't enough to make me stick to the plan. I have to be honest with you, my first purchase was the Salted Caramel protein powder through I came across it just by accident searching for a prebiotic protein powder and viola! I figured what the heck if I can't consume it for what ever reason I'll just use it up baking...WELL, I HAVE TO TELL YOU, I AM HOOKED!!! The taste, texture and what it does to my body, I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH! My Teens LOVE it too which I am sooooo grateful for as well! My next purchase was the Chocolate dream with the same intention, if not f=great on it's own I'll just use it up in my baking or dessert recipes. I find the taste mild so I added some raw cacao powder and a touch of peppermint oil and oh yummmm! Thank you for all the care and research you out into your products, I am one satisfied, returning customer!!!

    Ohh Andrea what an incredible review!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you stumbled upon us and now you're hooked, welcome to the family!! We're avid fanatics and we're proud of it ;). Thank you for joining us and sharing the love ♥
    Love it!

    I bought the Vanilla Cream flavour of Nutralean protein powder and I love it! So creamy, not chalky like some other protein powders I’ve tried. I will definitely be buying more in other flavours.

    Thank you for the amazing review, Charlene! We're so glad you love your Vanilla Cream!! We can't wait to see what other flavours you love ♥
    Taste just as horrible as every other protein powder out there.

    It tastes the same as every other protein powder out there; which is to say it tastes like snot... except it costs substantially more than any other protein powder out there (I can get 6 lbs of it from other places for the same price they charge for 2 lbs.) and worse their return policy seems generous but they charge you handling and shipping fees and you have to pay return shipping to Canada meaning you end up getting so little back it's not worth it. Not worth the cost.

    Oh no Jesse, I'm so sorry to hear you didn't love your Nutralean. This is definitely feedback we don't hear very often, but we appreciate the opportunity to discuss!! Please feel free to e-mail our Director of Customer Service directly to chat about your feedback, we'd LOVE to dig a little further into what you didn't love. As a small company, reviews are very important to us - we're trying to compete with the BIG guys after all! We believe in providing a high-quality all-natural product that families can feel safe enjoying together, no chemical fillers, no added sugars. Just pure, healthy, goodness. Please e-mail Tracy at if you'd like to chat further ♥

    tasty and easy

    Thank you Carmen!! ♥
    Vanilla Creme

    I finally found a protein powder that is completely nut free. This product is great! My daughter uses it everyday at college.

    We're SO glad you found us, Brenda!! Thank you (and your daughter) for being such an important part of our Nutrafam! ♥ ( Pssst Vanilla is one of our faves, too! ;) )