NUTRALEAN Prebiotic Protein Powder | Strawberry

SUMMER STRAWBERRY NUTRALEAN: Calling all strawberry lovers! This incredible strawberry protein powder shake brings you real, creamy strawberry taste like no other!

Made with real organic strawberry flakes, prebiotic fiber & no artificial flavours, this scrumptious shake is the best tasting strawberry protein powder available and delights the taste buds on its own, or in our easy, simple strawberry protein powder recipes!

If you ever wanted to find a strawberry protein powder smoothie that would leave you feeling full for hours while also helping you lose weight more quickly, you’ve found it.

We have used the highest quality 100% grass-fed pure natural whey protein, genuine organic strawberry flakes, and zero added sugar or artificial ingredients, meaning this unbelievable creamy strawberry flavored protein powder is the best strawberry protein powder you’ll come across

Don’t believe us?

Just take a look at the reviews below!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1085 reviews
    Vanilla Cream Nutralean Prebiotic Protein Powder

    I was slightly skeptic that I wouldn't like this as I haven't found a protein powder that I enjoy. It's always too gritty and I can't stomach it, however this one was not the case. It blends smooth and it's so delicious. I'll definitely be buying this again. And look forward to trying some other items out. As a bonus it's from my home province of PEI. Each day I add a scoop of Vanilla to my smoothie which consists of dragon fruit, pineapple, coconut, and a bit of orange juice and it's a delight each time!

    Love it!

    I love starting my day with a Nutralean shake that tastes great and makes me feel full for hours. My favorite flavor is Chocolate Dream, it is delicious.

    We're proud to be a part of your daily routine, Wendy! We love you! ♥ Thanks for this awesome review!
    Creamy and delicious!

    My son and I are really enjoying the Nutralean. I love the Salted Caramel and Coffee Mocha. Strawberry is his favorite.

    We're so glad you and your son are both loving your Nutralean!! It's so much easier when you have someone joining in on your healthy journey! ♥

    Excellent Product

    Love this product, down 12 pounds and feeling great!

    Brenda!! WOW!! Congratulations!! We're SO happy for you! Thanks for being a part of the family! ♥
    So good!!!!

    Best protein powder ever! Bowels working so much better. So great to get the prebiotic fiber

    Oooh Yvonne, we LOVE this!! Woop woop for prebiotic fiber! We're so happy you love your Nutralean, we think you're the best! ♥