PRE-ORDER: The Perfect Protein Snack Bars - 12 Bar Variety Box

The Perfect Protein Snack Bar! 100% Natural Ingredients! NO artificial flavours or sweeteners! Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, GMO-Free, Sugar-Free with 19g of Protein, 9g Prebiotic Fiber, 1g Net Carbs! Oh, and really, really, REALLY delicious!

Our 12 Bar variety box contains:

  • 3 Chocolate Coconut snack bars
  • 3 Dark Chocolate Chunk snack bars
  • 3 Dark Mocha Coffee snack bars
  • 3 Dark Chocolate Mint snack bars

First shipment will be August 2018.

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Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Sugar-Free, Guilt-Free, in 4 delicious flavours

Chocolate Coconut

Dark Chocolate Chunk

Dark Mocha Coffee

Dark Chocolate Mint

Melanie Wildman, CEO of Nutracelle

I struggled with my weight for many years and tried every diet, fad and 'health' food out there. After almost losing my son to a life-threatening nut allergy, I needed to know exactly what was in the food I was feeding my family - and my body.

The food we eat is making us sick, tired and overweight. We're feeding ourselves processed, convenience foods, full of sugars and chemicals. We've lost what our grandmother's and their mothers knew. The heart of our families and our health is the food we eat.

I've learned the hard way that the answer isn't depriving ourselves, trying to eat less, or fad diets. It's time to start nourishing our bodies, our minds and our souls with real ingredients and real food. It's time for a better way.

Look who's talking about Nutracelle!

Named Product of the Year, Start-Up of the Year, Silver Innovator of the Year, and our CEO was named Woman of the Year by the International Business Awards out of more than 3800 companies from over 60 countries. Nutracelle is getting noticed!

Why? Because people want real food and real choices that are safe, natural and taste delicious.

Join the Nutracelle family and start working towards your goal with our incredible and supportive community.

real food. real ingredients. really delicious.

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