Vanilla Cream

VANILLA CREAM NUTRALEAN: Softly sweet and blissful-tasting, Vanilla Cream is a smooth, silky shake. Packed with protein and prebiotic fiber, it’s perfect on its own or in your favorite smoothie.

This unsweetened vanilla protein powder is not only 100% free of added sugar and artificial ingredients, but includes 2g of natural healthy fats and 8g of prebiotic fiber, making it the best vanilla protein powder for weight loss.

If you’re looking for a vanilla cream protein powder that not only tastes creamy and decadent without being overly sweet or sickly, but also leaves you feeling full for hours and encourages weight loss better than any other, Nutralean’s Vanilla Cream protein powder is for you!

Try our easy guilt-free, delicious vanilla protein powder recipes like pancakes, cookies, ice cream and more!

Still not sure?

Check out our vanilla protein powder reviews below to see what our existing customers think!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1116 reviews
    Tastes Amazing !

    Nutracelle tastes amazing! It’s not chalky and doesn’t have a bad aftertaste like a lot of other protein products. I make the best chocolate banana smoothie for breakfast every morning and put two scoops of my protein powder in it!

    Yuuummmm!! Chocolate banana smoothies are one of our favourites! Great choice! Thanks for leaving such an awesome review, Rachel & your smoothie looks delicious! ♥
    Love this!

    This Nutracelle protein powder is our favourite! We love adding it to our smoothies! Highly recommend this protein powder!!

    Thank you so much Karen!! We appreciate you, and your recommendation! Keep sharing the NutraLove ♥ We think you're a 5/5 too! ;)
    Love it!

    It’s a must have for me! Salted caramel and strawberry are my faves

    Great choices Alissa!! We love them too!! Thanks for being an important part of our Nutrafam! ♥ We're so glad you found us.

    I was introduced to this by a friend...i truly love the flavors of the protein powder and the endless ways ro use it. I know have started a friend on it and sbsolutely loves it

    We're so happy to hear that Debbie!! Thank you for sharing the NutraLove & for being a part of our family - we really appreciate you! ♥
    Best protein powder

    Nutracelle's protein powder is by far the best purchase I have ever made! I have tried several protein powders in the past, and they never worked for me. Nutracelle's powder tastes great, is great for cooking/baking, and is so easy on my stomach! I will never use anything else.

    We're SO happy to hear you're with us for life, Kelsey!! We're all lifers too haha! We're proud to offer the best-tasting, healthiest protein powder in the market ^.^ Thank you for your support and your reviews - they help us grow, which means new yummy products!! woop woop!