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Welcome to The Better Way to Vitamin by Nutracelle

If you’ve just scanned our QR code for the first time, welcome to Nutracelle! 🌟 

We’re thrilled to have you here. As a brand committed to your well-being, we’ve crafted something truly special: sugar-free, vegan, and allergy-safe gummies that are as delicious as they are nutritious. Developed by a mother who understands the impact of food allergies on families, our Nutramin gummies are made with 100% naturally-sourced vitamins and minerals . Whether you’re seeking adult multivitamins, sleep support, or an energy boost, our gummies have got you covered. Plus, they’re free from the top 14 food allergens, including gluten, peanuts, and soy. 

So go ahead, explore our range, and discover why people can’t stop talking about Nutramin 

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what our fans are saying about their nutramin

“These are my favorite vitamins. The flavors are delicious, and the texture is great. Basically like candy! I love that they are sugar-free and packed with many essential vitamins.

10/10 would buy again!"

- verified amazon purchaser

why we're different

Nutracelle doesn’t do mediocre. Nope! We’re all about premium vibes . Our vitamins strut around like they’re on a red carpet, flaunting their 100% naturally-sourced vitamins and minerals. No fillers, no fluff—just pure, unadulterated fabulousness. Imagine your vitamins winking at you, saying, “Darling, we’re here to slay!” 

Click here to learn more about our plant-based ingredients.

Nutracelle vitamins are  allergy-safe . They’re like the cool kids who invite everyone to their party. No gluten, no nuts, no drama. Just a bunch of gummies having a blast, dancing to their own beat. And guess what? They’re  vegan , too! Because compassion is always in style.

Click here to read our allergen safety guarantee.

where to buy

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My son stopped breathing in my arms after an accidental exposure to peanuts. In one terrifying moment, our lives were changed forever. I learned how common life-threatening allergens are in our food supply — from cross-contamination during manufacturing — to raw ingredients processed with common allergens. Every family who has a loved one with a life-threatening food allergy knows the fear and the pain of living each day surrounded by foods that could be their last breath. That's why I created Nutracelle.

Melanie Wildman - CEO & Founder of Nutracelle