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How Do I Consume More Protein?

Most people incorporate enough protein in their diet to prevent deficiency, but most of us would benefit from a much higher protein intake. Studies have shown a high-protein diet has significant benefits for both weight loss and metabolic health. For example, this type of diet may reduce hunger, helping you eat fewer calories by improving the function of your weight-regulating hormones! Here are our top tips on how you can consume more protein throughout the day. 

Eat your protein first.

When eating a plate full of food, make an effort to consume the protein source first, especially before your carbohydrates and starches. In general,make sure at least a fourth of your plate is filled with protein. According to a study done byScience Direct,protein increases the production of Peptide YY (PYY), a gut hormone that makes you feel full and satisfied.


Eat fats and proteins at breakfast.

Instead of opting for cereal or pancakes for breakfast, try bacon and eggs! Consuming healthy fats and proteins first thing in the morning keeps your blood sugar low and you satiated for longer. Looking to eat a bigger breakfast? Make a scramble with a few handfuls of your favorite vegetables and top with avocado for some added healthy fats! 


Add a protein source to your salads.

Not only are salads filled with vegetables to give you extra doses of vitamins and minerals, but they are a great base for protein sources. A three ounce serving of chicken, tuna or turkey breast can add up to 25 grams of protein! If you are Vegetarian or Vegan, you can always opt for black beans as a meat alternative. One cup has 15 grams of protein. 


Use protein powder.

If you have a big sweet tooth, protein smoothies are the way to go. OurNutralean Whey Protein Powder is so delicious, you’ll feel like it’s cheating!This smooth, creamy protein + fiber powder tastes just like an old-fashioned 50's diner milkshake. Just mix with water or milk.You can also add it to your favorite sweet and savory recipes. Easy peasy! 


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