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Powering Our Protein

How protein helps us lose weight

Whey protein is one of the best studied supplements in the world. But not all protein is created equal.

Some forms of protein, such as whey, are simply better than others. 

The power of whey protein

How filling is each protein?

A meta-study of published research from 1970-2012 revealed that diets supplemented with whey protein powder reduce body fat while maintaining lean mass. This, in turn, increases thermogenesis in the body (so you burn more calories).

Furthermore, whey protein powder and its bioactive constituents were found to offer greater benefits when compared to egg, soy or casein proteins.

How many calories to get 30g of protein?

While getting protein from our regular food is also important, when you are trying to lose weight, or maintain weight loss, there is no macronutrient that is more important than protein.

Whey protein is not only one of the best protein sources, it has been shown to improve glucose levels and insulin response, reduce cardiovascular risk factors, lower blood pressure and arterial stiffness and improve lipid profile.

When you feel more full, you naturally eat less. But unlike reducing calories, protein protects your muscles and helps your body burn more calories.

Everyone's protein needs are unique

Find out yours

How much protein do you need?

This chart is based on your ideal or LEAN body weight, not your current weight.

Very few people (with the exception of body builders) will have a lean body weight over 200 lbs, which is why our chart doesn't go higher.) 

How to use:
Estimate your ideal weight and then look up the amount of protein needed:

The hidden truth about protein products

Almost all the nutritional supplements sold in North America are made in the United States. But in the U.S. - unlike Canada, nutrition products aren't regulated, so there are no minimum standards for ingredient purity or safety.  The use of growth hormones and antibiotics in farming are standard in the United States, unlike Canada where it is illegal.

This lack of regulation has led to false label claims, with class-action lawsuits against major manufacturers accused of misrepresenting the protein on labels. Consumer reports found that many of the products they tested had heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and even mercury in them. 

Some manufacturers add ingredients and fillers from China and they are not required to report when they do, so consumers aren't aware of what they are really putting in their bodies. We are trusting them to put people before profits.

What type of protein is best?

Free from added chemicals, heavy metals, additives and made in Canada with the highest quality 100% whey protein. Nutracelle is naturally cross-filtered with water instead of using acids, so it retains the full range of peptides you require. Canadian farms are antibiotic-free and growth hormone-free. 

Plus, our protein is independently lab tested so you always know what is in your food.

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