NutraPartners are people who are passionate about Nutracelle, the products we make and the way natural, allergy-friendly nutrition makes them feel. NutraPartners help us spread the word about living healthy, vibrant lives and show their love of Nutracelle on their social media and blogs (and earn extra cash while doing it!) Our NutraPartners are leaders in their communities, active on social media, and are passionate about sharing the purest, highest quality nutrition.

Our NutraPartner program is a commission-based referral program where Ambassadors earn a product commission on every sale they refer to An NutraPartner’s goal is to introduce new customers to Nutracelle products and incentivize first-time and ongoing purchases. When a customer makes a purchase on using your unique partner code or referral link, you earn a percentage of their sale toward products as well as a 10% Cash Bonus on new customer subscriptions (valid on new customer orders only)! The more you refer, the more you earn!

By becoming a NutraPartner you gain exclusive access to our closed Facebook groups where NutraPartner's share recipe, active lifestyle, social media growth tips, and more! You’ll even have the chance to participate in merchandise and product giveaways, plus receive a custom referral code offering your community 20% off of first time orders on You earn 20% base product commission on any sales you refer (including on recurring subscriptions) with the potential to earn additional incentives like a 10% Cash Bonus on new customer subscriptions, and Nutracelle swag!

You’ll receive a custom referral code offering your community 20% off of first time orders on You’ll earn 20% base product commission, redeemable toward your own purchases on ALL orders you refer... yes even on ongoing subscriptions! Each month NutraPartners also have the potential to earn a 10% Cash Bonus commission on Nutracelle subscription products for new customers.

In order to pay our NutraPartners in the simplest way, we process commission via Nutracelle gift-certificates that act just like cash on  For any Cash Bonuses you earn, we use PayPal, a free service that is accessible and quick to sign up for. In order to earn Cash Bonuses as a NutraPartner you must have a PayPal account. To sign up, head over to to create your account.