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    Based on 1719 reviews
    Are these vitamins?

    These taste like Welch's gummies! I'm not sure where the vitamins are hidden, but I've gone through lots of gummy vitamins in the past few years with my boys and none have ever had this texture. Never a complaint taking them and they don't even have a favourite flavour! I made my mom try them when I got them because I was so impressed.

    2x Nutralean Bundle
    Fabulous product

    I’ve used other mainstream protein powders and they’ve been so-so. Nutralean is fabulous. No chalkiness, great taste and yummy flavours. I’ll be a repeat customer. Love it!

    My Fussy Eater LOVES Them!

    I have a super fussy eater, he has issues with textures and its a struggle to get them to try anything new or different. On top of that he is allergic to dairy, nuts, tree nuts and finding healthy and safe food for him to eat is definitely a struggle so I always worry he isn't getting enough good nutrition in his diet. So thank goodness for these little gummies! My little guy loved the packaging as soon he saw the bottle and he asks if he can have his 'monsters' every morning! The fact that they are allergy-safe and sugar-free is such a huge relief. Putting these on subscription now so we are never out!!!

    Nutralean Extras Bundle
    Marcy Blaney
    Extras Bundle

    I am loving my Extras Bundle!! I ordered the Coffee Mocha and Salted Caramel, along with one of the shaker cups. You can never have too many shaker cups! :)
    I love mixing the 2 flavours, it makes it taste like my fave fancy coffee. I also like to make protein coffees, adding a scoop of protein powder to my coffee; so having a variety of flavours is great to have on hand!
    It’s a great option for an afternoon snack + coffee at work, all in one.
    I’ve been recommending Nutralean to my friends, and I really like that it’s Canadian too!

    Loving my Nutralean!

    The Coffee Mocha & Strawberry are my faves so far. The strawberry smells soooo good!
    The powders mix up very well, no lumps and is nice and smooth, not gritty.
    I made a smoothing bowl with the strawberry, it was yummy!
    Add a scoop of the Coffee Mocha to your morning coffee..delish.

    excellent taste, easy to prepare, and allergen safe!

    I’m allergic to tree nuts (anaphylaxis) and I have always struggled to find a protein powder or shake product that does not contain nuts, say “may contain nuts”, and/or is not made in the same facility as nuts. I’m so glad I found nutracelle!!!! I have used the chocolate dream powder almost every day for two weeks now. I blend it with 2 cups of oat milk in my magic bullet blender. I usually have two shakes a day (breakfast and lunch) and then eat dinner as a real meal. I have noticed it definitely helps with feeling full faster. I struggle with binge eating so I already don’t feel full and tend to overeat. However, Nutralean has seriously helped me with this. I feel full long before I would without the shakes. I snack less and avoid making myself bloated or sick. I also like that it is low calories and best of all barely any SUGAR. I am trying to watch my sugar so this is a blessing. The taste is great and it smells so good! I was worried it would taste weird like other name brand protein powders/shakes, but it is creamy and delicious. I haven’t tried it with water, only with oat milk because I am dairy free. I will try the other flavors eventually, but I just ordered another bag of the chocolate dream. I’m hooked! Thank you Nutracelle for being awesome :)

    Love the vegan vanilla protein powder, plan on purchasing the chocolate next order.

    Great Tasting!

    I'm very happy with Nutracelle. The vanilla flavor tastes great and you can add fruit to change it up. Highly recommend!

    We're so happy you love your Vanilla NutraVegan, Colleen!!

    NutraVegan Bundle: 4 Pack by Nutracelle
    Amanda Golob

    I can not say enough about NutraVegan. I use it every morning in my iced coffee! It keeps me full for hours. It has helped my cravings and I have lost 20lbs since using it!

    AMANDA! That's incredible - we're SO happy for you!! Thanks for bringing us on your journey, we're so proud to be part of it!

    2x Nutralean Bundle
    justine feeney
    The Best Protein Powder!

    This is by far the best Protein powder I have ever had! No annoying grittiness, great flavor and the kids love it too!

    Thanks Justine, we're so glad your family loves it!! :)

    2x Nutralean Bundle
    Tracy Pike
    Love this protein!!!

    The best tasting protein powder I have every tried! My whole family enjoys it and it’s very easy to mix with just water or add other ingredients for a full meal replacement!!
    I love my shake with 1/4 blueberries, chia seeds,
    coconut milk and nut butter and cocoa nibs sprinkles on top :)

    Yes, yes, yes Tracy! You nailed it - great tasting AND versatile. We're so happy you love your Nutralean! Thanks for taking the time to leave such an awesome review, we really appreciate you!

    The Yummiest Vitamins Ever!

    I love taking these vitamins daily. They are delicious and easy to take daily. I'm also always proud to support a Canadian brand and I'm so glad I have found these gummies!

    Thank you so much for the awesome review, Stefanie!! We think you're a 5/5 too! :)

    6x Nutralean Bundle
    Jason Ahern
    Always Awesome!

    Never disappoints!

    AMAZING results Jason, WOW. You are an inspiration.

    NutraVegan Extras Bundle
    Amanda Golob

    I ordered thw chocolate and vanilla protein powder! I have so many allergies that it is harf to find something that works! I absolutely both of them. I do the vanilla in the morning with water for breakfast and then on days i use the chocolate i add a banana and coconut milk to make a smoothue. It is perfect. Keeps me full and I have more energy!

    Thank you Amanda!! We're so happy that you found us, and that we're a safe, delicious option for you to get the protein and fiber that you need! We think you're a 5/5 too!

    Finally found the perfect Multivitamin

    I was looking for a multivitamin that was chewable, low-carb/keto-friendly, and tasty. This checked all the boxes for me! I hate swallowing pills, but I wanted to make sure I was getting enough vitamins in my diet. Most chewable vitamins have hidden sugars. I can take these without feeling guilty for trying to stay healthy!

    Thank you for your awesome review!! We're so proud of our delicious, sugar-free gummies!!

    NutraVegan Extras Bundle
    Tousha Chatman
    The best money can buy

    I got your products and love everything the smoothies the vitamins the Nutralean and the shaker cups.

    Those waffles look amazing, Tousha!! Thank you for sharing, and for such a great review! We think you're a 5/5 too! :)

    Beat the bloat and cravings!

    I was skeptical at first but I'm a firm believer now! I've been drinking Nutralean for less than a month and I already lost 5kg. It kept my cravings and hunger at bay all day! Absolutely amazing!

    Congratulations Pia!! We're so glad to have you! Thanks for this amazing review. <3

    Nutralean Extras Bundle
    Tousha Chatman
    Best protein mix ever

    I have tried others nothing compared to this thank you. Nutracelle Mrs. Melanie God bless you and your family for a great product.

    Vitamin gummies

    They taste amazing and the best part is they are sugar free!! I do the keto diet and they are perfect!

    We're so pleased that you love your vitamins, Jennifer!! Thanks so much!


    I was nervous to try this company because I had try couple of others company and they all disappointed me ..but this one makes me so happy!!! The taste is awesome and ingredients are what we can expected if real good nutrition!!

    First protein powder I would give 5 stars

    For the first time I found a protein powder that I actually love, fills me up, and helps me lose weight! Flavour and texture is fantastic, no gritty consistency or weird after taste. Been drinking for almost 2 months and down 15+ lbs. Only downside is my kids also love it and I rarely get a full shake to myself lol

    4x Nutralean Bundle
    Dawn P (USA)
    Finally a nut free protein powder

    So glad I discovered Nutralean protein powders. They are tasty and very sweet. I am grateful to know that my TN allergic son is getting desperately needed protein in a 100% safe product! We are enjoying the vanilla, chocolate and I personally LOVE the salted caramel flavors!


    I love the coffee mocha! It tastes flavorful and delicious without a chalky taste that most other protein powders have. I enjoy this one mixed with vanilla or dark chocolate almond milk or mixed into a cold brew iced coffee! It keeps me full until lunch which is great for a busy commuter morning.

    We're so glad you love your Coffee Mocha, Melissa! Thanks for the awesome review :)

    Delicious gummy vitamins!

    These gummies are so delicious!! They are high quality with high quality taste! Best of all they are sweetened with stevia, my favourite all natural sweetner! I definitely recommend these vitamin gummies!

    We're so glad you love your gummies Christy - we think they're fantastic, too!! (A little TOO fantastic haha, they're so delicious!!)

    A huge asset in my weight loss journey.

    I have been using Nutracelle religiously for 4 years. Breakfast virtually every morning and lunch often. I use the coffee mocha mostly when I travel, vanilla and Chocolate when I have access to a boender and fruit. I love the natural with spinach, cucumber and dates for a bit of sweetness. Nutracelle keeps you feeling full longer than anything else I have tried.

    We appreciate you so much Rena! :)