Tracy Stewart

Tracy Stewart - 
Customer Service Guru 
If you’ve ever written or called in for help you may have communicated with Tracy. She’s our sweet and bubbly Customer Service Guru. Tracy (also known as “Giggles” or “Chuckles” to some) Not only that, she’s one of our many Nutracelle success stories! She’s lost over 102 pounds!!! Incredible!
Fav Shake: Vanilla Nutralean mixed with almond milk, ice, and peanut butter! 


Jeff MacLean
Jeff MacLean - 
Jeff may end up being your favourite member of our team because he’s the guy that handles all things commissions! That’s right, when you’re getting paid by Nutracelle – Jeff is orchestrating it. He also handles shipping, orders, account changes and tons of behind-the-scenes-top-secret stuff. Jeff is also an active member of the Britney Army.
Fav Shake: Vanilla Mocha Nutralean with some cinnamon and cream! Delish!