Michelle Wolfe

Michelle Wolfe - Customer Service 

Michelle is not only a sleever - she's also a big fan of Nutracelle! When she's not answering customers on our live chat, or responding to emails, you can find her showing how to make a hot chocolate with Nutralean on Facebook Live!

Fav Shake: Chocolate nutralean blended with ice and almond milk.

Blair Enright

Blair Enright - Personal Trainer

Blair certified personal trainer with CanFitPro, and a bodybuilder. He's passionate about helping people reach their fitness and health goals, whether it's to drop that excess weight, to compete in a fitness show or to achieve more than they ever thought possible. As a Dad of 3 beautiful kids, he loves spending time with his kids, sitting out by the water and cooking the perfect steaks up for family and friends.

Fav Shake:Shamrock Shake

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