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5 Free Ways to Stay Active At Home

5 Free Ways to Stay Active At Home

It’s Move More Month! However, that doesn’t mean that your activity needs to be limited to just this month. Exercise is just as good for yourmental health as it is your physical health -- for this reason alone it is important to be active year-round! To help simplify this for you, we’ve come up with 5 free ways you can stay active from home…

Nutracelle YouTube Workouts 

Our YouTube channel has afull collection of simple but effective movements specifically recorded for our NutraFam in mind! Customize a sequence of the movements you like best or go through the playlist in order. The best part? No equipment is necessary! 

Stream Workout Classes

Studios all over are offering instructor-led workout classes via live-stream or their websites. If workout classes are your go-to, search the thousands of classes online! While these classes won’t have the same community/group environment as in-person sessions, you’re still working hard & getting instruction!

Obstacle Course 

Who says obstacle courses are just for children? Let your imagination run wild with obstacle ideas for a course in your yard! This family fun activity is a great way for everyone in the house to get some energy out, enjoy time together and be creative. 

Go For A Neighborhood Walk

It really is as simple as grabbing your sneakers and heading outside! Take a new route each time you go to switch it up or take the same path and look for things you haven’t noticed before! Taking time to slow down and be aware of little things has helped us enjoy everyday moments even more.

TV Show Challenge 

We’re pretty sure everyone is spending a bit more time in front of screens watching the latest TV series or new movie streaming. Take your screen time to the next level by doing some strengthening movements while you watch! Search “tv show workout challenge” online for ideas of how to incorporate workouts in your tv time. 

We told you! Staying active at home doesn’t need to cost money, require equipment or be boring. With a little creativity and motivation, physical activity from home can be both fun and rewarding!

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