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5 Ways to Practice Self-Love All Year

5 Ways to Practice Self-Love All Year

The phrase “self-love” shows up constantly across social media, in magazines and even as a trending topic on the news. What does it look like to practice self-love on a daily basis though? We’re here to share five simple & inexpensive ideas to implement self-love in your daily routine! 


It sounds easy -- it really is! Not only does the simple act of turning the corners of your lips up make you *feel* happy, it may help you shift your mindset into a more positive one. You’ll be on your way to  reducing stress, strengthening relationships and bringing happiness to those around you! 

Connect with a friend 

Grab a coffee, spend an afternoon baking protein-filled treats, talk on the phone or introduce yourself to like-minded people in our  NutraTalk Facebook group! Social connection is vital to our overall health and well-being (yep, just as important as eating nutritious food!). The best part of this? You’re both doing something to better yourselves! 

Get movin’

You know the feeling of accomplishment after a workout class or the strength you feel while powering through a new fitness routine? That’s what we’re talkin’ about! However you choose to move, activity helps us by  increasing endorphins and working toward our health goals. Our favorite ways to stay active are going for a walk in the fresh air, cycling through a spin class or doing a yoga sequence. 

Cook yourself a delicious, healthy meal

There’s nothing like a solo dinner date! Make it an extravagant four-course meal with all your favorites or enjoy your go-to main course. Take this as the opportunity to spend quality time with yourself by listening to your favorite music as you grocery shop and prepare the food. Need ideas for what to cook? Check out all our healthy recipes  here

Make a list 

Writing things down is an incredible tool for visualizing our goals, reminding ourselves of what we’re grateful for and simply keeping track of day to day tasks. Grab a notebook and set your timer for 10 minutes. Then, write! Keep in mind that this is for YOU. Take it as time to journal what you’re proud of that day, what you are looking forward to and what you can do to accomplish those things! 

Share with us which of these self-love tips you’ll practice this week by connecting on  Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram or our  NutraTalk Facebook group! We’re here to cheer our Nutrafam on and spread the love!