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Cooking for People You Love

Cooking for People You Love

“I think careful cooking is love, don’t you? The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who’s close to you is about as nice a valentine you can give.” -Julia Child 

Julia, we couldn’t agree more! There’s something incredibly special about cooking with care for the people you’re sharing your food with. 

We’re passionate about cooking nutritious, health conscious and allergy-friendly food here at Nutracelle and know how important this is for so many of you, too! 

In fact, our founder Melanie’s goal for  beginning Nutracelle came with her desire to create an allergen-friendly, safe protein powder to share with her whole family. Since there wasn’t a natural, nut-free protein powder to cook with on the market, Melanie created one:  Nutralean

Nutralean is the perfect addition to  any  meal you’re cooking for your loved ones with allergies! The protein powder is made will all natural ingredients and free from the top 14 allergens, unlike any other protein powder sold. It was formulated with a range of individuals’ needs in mind, making it a fantastic addition for people on a weight loss journey, with diabetes, on a keto or paleo diet, or with allergies! 

Made with  prebiotic fiber that slows protein digestion to keep you full for longer and reduces hunger hormones, this protein powder serves as a delicious supplement in the food you’re cooking or as a shake mixed with water! 

After launching the Nutralean protein powder in 2016, we began working on a protein powder with all the same benefits that fit into a vegan diet. In January of this year, we launched just that:  NutraVegan! With pea protein, organic brown rice protein, pumpkin seed protein and hemp seed protein, this powder is packed full of natural ingredients and satisfies hunger the same way Nutralean does. 

Get started cooking food you love for the people you love, using this top-rated, allergen-friendly protein powder! Check out our recipes here, with everything from protein snack dips to comfort casseroles and sweet treats like mug cakes. 

Remember to send us a photo of your friends and family enjoying this delicious, safe food and connect on  Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram and in our  NutraTalk Facebook group