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How Nutracelle changed this Mom of 3's Life

We were lucky enough to chat with Nutrafam member Jenn Bauder about her journey with Nutracelle and how our allergen-friendly protein products changed her life.

If you're not sure whether Nutracelle products are a right fit for you, Jenn is one of the hundreds of customers who have had their lives enriched with our products and is eager to share her success. You can also find her hosting our support group monthly accountability challenge! Join in the fun here

Meet Jenn!

  • Name:
    Jenn Bauder

  • Where do you live:
    Kingston Ontario

  • When did you first try Nutracelle, and how did you hear about it?
    I first tried Nutracelle 5 years ago through my sons teacher at the time.

  • Tell me about your weight loss journey: 
    For starters I want to say I believe I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I set out to do with out my Nutracelle and the amazing community. Nutracelle made things so much easier to be on this journey and even though my goal when I first started was to lose 35lbs I lost that before my set time frame and because I have stayed on and learned how to eat better and take care of myself I lost more and have been able to maintain my weightloss. 60lbs gone forever.

  • What's your favourite flavor?
    Uhhh chocolate dream duh lol

  • Have you created any of your own recipes?
    Of course, I like to wing things most of the time. 

    Raspberry Vanilla Nutralean Muffins submitted by Jenn Bauder

  • Does your family like Nutracelle?
    They do, sometimes they don't even know they are eating it as i like to sneak it into things 😉  Kraft dinner is where I like to sneak it in the most....

  • How has Nutracelle changed your life, if at all?
    It has changed my life for the better, I was recently told if I hadn't started my journey of taking better care of myself health wise I would be in worse shape I am now...(I recently found out I have Mixed connective tissue disease * an autoimmune disease)

  • How often do you use your Nutracelle products?
    I use it every single day.

  • Which Nutracelle recipe is your favourite? 
    I love my pumpkin pie hands down always will be my favorite.

  • Why do you continue to use Nutracelle products?
    It has been a life saver, allowing me to enjoy all the things I love to eat and stay on track...

  • What's the biggest benefit you've had from using Nutracelle products?
    Not only have I lost 60lbs and kept it off, it has also helped build my confidence in myself.

  • What does a typical day look like for you, in terms of Nutracelle products used?
  • As you can see in the photos, my typical day contains lots of Nutracelle... and lots of deliciousness.  I always take my Nutramin vitamins with my breakfast smoothie.

  • I noticed recently you had posted about having to give up some foods, and you did end up bringing Nutracelle back in - can you tell the readers a little bit about that journey? 

    I did have to give up a ton of foods a couple months ago due to this autoimmune disease. I started to lose my strength in my legs, arms, my hands, wasn't feeling too well. I was getting frustrated as I was feeling soooo good, working out up to that point then my health took a nose dive at the end of August...I started feeling tired all the time, weak, lots of headaches, I slept a lot. 

    Long story short, I went and had lots of blood work done, medical doctors couldn't find anything, it was scary. It wasn't until recently that I stared getting any answers. I went to a naturopath who has been wonderful and after a few visits, I was put on the autoimmune diet and the illumination diet.

    At first I thought it's ok I already eat pretty healthy, I've got this! ohhhhh boy was I wrong,  it was harder than I thought...I had to give up gluten, dairy and a whole whack of other foods like tomatoes, bananas, strawberries, eggs, peppers... you name. The list was 4 pages long.

    I already gave up sugar 5 years ago but this was to get my inflammation down as my body was full of it.

    Nutracelle saved the day as a lot of the recipes are gluten free, but I did have to swap out certain things or just have my shakes so once again Nutracelle saved me, and thanks to their products, I wasn't starving myself.

  • WHY Nutracelle and not THE OTHER guys?
  • Taste hands down, It didn't have that chalky gritty aftertaste. I didn't need to plug my nose to drink it. And because I wanted a Canadian company, I love supporting companies here in Canada. 

    Eat the Foods you Love

    Jenn is an incredible example of how Nutracelle's prebiotic protein products are able to not only add beneficial nutrients to her meal plan, but they also enable to her to keep enjoying the foods she loves while following her new food requirements.

    We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious, wholesome, yummy foods while being their healthiest selves.

    If you're wondering how Nutracelle can help you, send us an e-mail! We're always here to help.  You can reach us at

    To learn about Nutracelle's Director of Customer Service and her incredible weight-loss journey, click here to check out Tracy's 100 Pound Weight Loss