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The Top 7 Reasons to Track

The Top 7 Reasons to Track

Tracking of your food intake as well as your weight loss and body measurements are critical to your success for several reasons! We're here to share with you our top 7 Reasons to Track. 

These tips are tried & true, tested & confirmed, and will help you reach your goals! 

How to choose your goal

So, to get started: what is your why?

When you're choosing your why and your goal, be as specific as you can.. For example, instead of "I want to lose weight" take it a step further. WHY do you want to lose weight? "To be healthy" - but why? Ask yourself why until you get to the final conclusion. Until you figure out what motivates you, you'll constantly hover on the fence of giving 100% and giving up. 

For example, our Director of Customer Service wrote about her why in her blog found here.  She said she wanted to lose weight because she wanted to be happy, and she knew that until she found herself along this journey, she would never be truly happy.

Getting started

Do you find it hard to stay consistent with your tracking? Don't worry, that's NORMAL! Habit-building is a part of the process. 

Grab a new journal, calendar, planner, or even just a tracking new app on your phone (have you checked out Nudge?). Investing in yourself with a new item will help you give that item value. This, in turn, will make you more accountable to start.

Now that you've already chosen your specific goal, write it on the first page/type it somewhere concrete.  Make sure it's written somewhere that you can frequently refer back to it.  

Reminding yourself why you started can sometimes be the 'keep going' that you need!

Here are our top 7 tips for tracking:

  1. You can’t know what you are truly consuming in calories/ protein/carbs/fats without daily tracking. Track every thing you eat or drink throughout each day.  Use our NutraCountdown magnet especially as a visual reminder. Plus, get connected with our fitness app, Nudge, for daily push notification reminders!

  2. After tracking for several months, you develop the skills to more reliably ‘guesstimate’ your caloric intake, and you are much less likely to get into trouble in the future.

  3. With tracking, you quickly become aware of how small food choices can equal big trouble or big success over the long- term.

  4. Everyone underestimates both calories and portion sizes. Tracking gives you a more accurate idea of your intake. Knowledge is power.

  5. Research shows one of the most effective ways to maintain weight loss is weighing yourself every morning and then recording your weight on the same day each week.

  6. Recording the changes in your body measurements is not only an essential motivator, but it’s critical for getting through the inevitable pauses or stalls you will experience. When the scale doesn’t move, but your body measurements get smaller, it’s much easier to stay motivated.

  7. Take lots of pictures! Taking a picture every week or month provides a powerful motivating tool and is an excellent way to see just how far you have come. It’s easier to stick with the program when you keep your eye on just how much your hard work has already paid off!

Be mindful of complacency

It's easy to fall back into old habits, so if you start to notice yourself slipping... start tracking more consistently again. Reach out to our NutraTalk Support Group for an encouraging word and a motivation boost - they're seriously the best!

Everyone in our support group is on their own journey with their own goals.  We track together, hold each other accountable, share recipes, and everything else!

In conclusion

If you're not making the progress you want, start fresh and get back to the basics: track, track, track.  You'll be surprised at how quickly you jump back into your good habits.

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