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Jordan's Top 5 Tips to be a Happier, Healthier Mom!

Jordan's Top 5 Tips to be a Happier, Healthier Mom!

Have you ever worried that you are not a positive role model for your children? I hear you! It's hard to separate your time between focusing on your kids, yourself, your home, and your health. Here are my tips for being the best you that you can be... without adding another 'thing' to your list!

1. Have routines!

Being a mom on the go can be very overwhelming at times. I am forever making lists of things that I need to do! Thankfully my daughter and I have set routines in place so that even in a chaotic day- there is still structure. By being consistent with my healthy habits, my little one picked up on them too. Each night we prepare what we need for the next morning. I put together my daughters bag for daycare and mix up my Nutralean shake! Coffee Mocha is my favourite to have on my morning commute.

2. Be positive!

One analysis found that a mom's concerns about weight are actually the third leading cause of body image problems in adolescents. It's SO hard not to get hung up on self image issues. As part of my own weight loss journey, I weigh in daily to hold myself accountable. If my daughter is in the room while I weigh in, I let her hop on to try herself. We don't acknowledge whatever number shows on the scale, instead we tell each other how healthy we are. I love seeing her smile after she hops off. 

3. Self care is crucial!

Simone Marean, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Girls Leadership. "Simply put, you have to have empathy for yourself in order to teach it." You cannot pour from an empty glass. In order to take care of your loved ones, you need to make sure you take care of yourself first. It is so important to show your children healthy ways to decompress. My favourite way to unwind is to have a hot bath, get into cozy pajamas, and curl up with a book and a cup of tea.

4. Do something each day that will help you the next day! 

I like to make it a point to do something every day that will make the next day easier! Whether it's doing a little bit of extra cooking at dinner time and preparing a meal in advance for the next evening (especially our yummy Turkey Soupwhich is SO easy to make and freezes perfectly), or any other household chore that will make your next day a little less chaotic.  For example, my daughter is awesome at picking out her clothes for the next day so our mornings are way less crazy!

5. Have fun in the kitchen! 

I LOVE to cook. It is such an awesome form of expression, and I love including my daughter while I am cooking! It's a great way to chat, and create things together. I hope that instilling a love for good, healthy, food at a young age will help her make the best choices later in life. Her favourite treat to make are Salted Caramel mug cakes! It still blows my mind that we can make mug cakes out of protein powder! 

My daughter, Iris, was SO excited to make her own Nutracelle cauliflower rice for our weekly meal prep!

Do you have any life hacks for being a positive role model? Let us know in the comments!