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My Top 10 Favourite Keto Snacks

My Top 10 Favourite Keto Snacks!

Hey Nutrafam!  We're coming into the tail-end of January, so I thought I'd share my top 10 favourite keto snacks with you.  Most of us are getting back on track after the holiday temptations had us running rampant and the transition back to being dedicated to a healthy lifestyle can be a bit of a challenge.

After successfully losing over 130 pounds (and counting...check my progress pic below!) I find the best way to fight cravings and urges is to eat delicious, healthy alternatives.  Saying 'no' to myself was simply NOT working.  I've adopted the Nutracelle way: cut the cravings, not the food!

My Nutracelle-fueled before & after:

But, wait! Do you really need snacks?

People ask me this often. "Can I snack?" "What about snacks?" "Am I allowed to snack?" and every time I encourage our customers to snack smartly.  I LOVE snacks!  

This list will be a mix of my favourite recipes and my favourite pre-made snacks to purchase for staying on track. They're in no particular order, each are delicious in their own way! 

My Top Ten Favourite Keto Snacks

  1. Veggies & Protein Dip - One of my biggest tips for having healthy snacks at-the-ready is to pre-chop your favourite veggies.  Having them ready when the urge to snack hits will ensure you choose your healthy option first.    

  2. Nutralean Smoothies - A quick shake/smoothie is sometimes my favourite hunger solution! I usually whip up a smoothie like this Orange Creamsicle one.  It's super filling AND it tastes like a treat, so it soothes those sweet cravings.

  3. Bark - Recipe  - My roommate and I make this bark SO often, we don't even need the recipe!  We modify it with different additives like unsweetened coconut, chopped nuts (we're not a nut-free house), dried fruits, and sometimes swirls of peanut butter or sugar-free caramel.  

  4. Salted Mixed Nuts - Be mindful of sodium and mindless calories, but I LOVE salted nuts! I almost always have salted almonds around for a quick snack to hit that salty craving.  You can check out a list of the healthiest nuts by Healthline here. 

  5. NutraBites - If you haven't tried our NutraBites - you're missing out.  I always have a bag at my desk for a mid-afternoon snack, and the best part? They're even delicious warmed up in the microwave for ten seconds.  I love both Chocolate Chunk and our Chocolate Mint, but the mint are definitely my favourite.  

  6. Pepperoni & Cheese - This seems pretty simple, but don't under-estimate the satiating power of cheese and pepperoni.  Not only that, most convenience stores and gas stations sell them, so it's an easy on-the-go snack for those days where I haven't planned very well.

  7. Raspberry Coconut Protein Bars - Recipe -  I LOVE protein bars.  Buying them in a store usually costs too much, though, and they can come with added sugars/ sugar substitutes that are seemingly healthy but turn out to be almost as bad as real sugar.  Making my own allows me the control to know what ingredients I'm using, and it's SO much cheaper! This is my favourite protein bar recipe! 

  8. Low-Sugar Berries & Yogurt - For another quick and wholesome snack, I love throwing some frozen berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries) together with some chia seeds into Greek yogurt.  If the berries are frozen and you let them sit in the yogurt for a bit, once you stir it - the yogurt almost turns ice-cream-like! It's SUCH a satisfying treat. 

  9. Macaroons - Recipe - This has been my go-to recipes since I started my Nutracelle journey.  I love the variety of flavours you can choose thanks to sugar-free Jell-O (or other sugar-free syrups). Even without adding a flavor, I love just making Vanilla/Chocolate/Salted Caramel flavored macaroons with our Nutralean! They store perfectly and are a great grab & go snack.

  10. SmartSweets - Prior to their formula change, SmartSweets was my go-to for low-sugar candy!  I LOVE them, however they have recently altered their ingredients which boosted their total net carb number, so I'm back to the drawing board (who knows, maybe I'll make my own!)

I'd love to hear what YOUR favourite snacks are! Send me an e-mail and I'll feature your favourite list in my next blog post! You can reach me at

Stop depriving yourself - life is far too short to not eat the foods you love.  Just skip the guilt and make healthy, Nutracelle versions ♥

Thanks for reading, fam!


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