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New Year’s Resolutions: Daily Check-In

New Year’s Resolutions: Daily Check-In

January has ended and we’re the first to admit: New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to keep! Staying true to the resolution you made at the beginning of the year for a whole 366 days? (Yep -- Leap Year is here!) It’s hard. 

The good news:  you can do hard things

We’ve adopted a simple way to remind ourselves of all the things we’re capable of on a regular basis:a daily check-in!

Spend a few minutes each day (in the morning while you’re getting ready, at lunch, in the carpool line, or even while you’re on a walk) to check-in with yourself and your goals. 


The things to focus on for this simple check-in include: 

WHO: Who is helping me reach my goals? Who am I helping reach theirs?

WHAT:What am I most proud of today? 

WHERE:Where can I go for support? Where can I go to support others?

WHEN:When do I feel the strongest and capable of achieving my goals?

WHY:Why did I make this goal at the beginning of the year? Why have I stuck with it? Why have I been successful?

HOW:How can I move forward today in a way that supports my goal? 

Here’s an example of this check-in being used: 

New Year’s Resolution: move my body for at least 30 minutes each day & have my protein shake!

WHO: My best friend and workout partner, Bailey!

WHAT: Taking a walk on my lunch break to enjoy my protein shake instead of sitting at my desk!

WHERE: My group of friends and fellow gym-goers!

WHEN: During my workout -- it’s hard but feels so good to be strong!

WHY: I feel good when I feed by body the nutrition it needs & when I move my body to stay active throughout the day! Knowing I can lift heavy weights and run far feels amazing!

HOW: Fuel my body with high-protein and fiber-packed foods and lots of water! 

How you implement this daily check-in is completely up to you!

Maybe it helps to write down each section in a notebook or make a daily post in our accountability support group, Nutratalk, maybe you stand in front of a mirror and speak the answers aloud, or maybe you call a friend to share. 

This practice is a fantastic way to be self-aware and conscious of where you’re at with accomplishing your goals. In fact, self-awareness is said to be a trait that helps usdevelop emotional intelligence.

When you’re doing your check-in, think of it as building a strong relationship with yourself! You’ll be on your way to accomplishing your goals & having healthy relationships all around. 

Thanks for reading!


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