August 28, 2018 3 min read

Hey everyone! 

So many wonderful things have been happening here at Nutracelle. We are coming out with new products, making some super exciting upgrades and feeling so great about everything right now!

Today, I just want to share with you one of the coolest experiences we've had recently.

As some of you may know, on July 1st three of our corporate team members packed our bags and headed to the Big Apple, New York City! Why? We were on our way to an event that was showcasing Natural Products Brands, Tastebuzz, and we just so happened to be one of the 16 brands showcased that weekend. We flew in a day early to get a feel for the city (I myself have been there once before, 10 years prior) and realized soon it was going to be hot hot heat.This didn't stop us three PEI gals from walking around and seeing the beautiful views including from the 56th floor of a gorgeous building. 

Can you say beautiful!? 


The next day was event day! We were SO excited to get started, so we woke up extra early to prepare our famous Nutralean Chocolate Cupcakes and realized that we didn't have an oven to cook them in! Uh oh! The event was just hours away, and there was no way to make cupcakes without an oven. We put our heads together and decided to just make something else! Luckily, there was a grocery store near by so we decided to stop in, pick up some fresh veggies, spices and non-flavoured yogurt to make Homemade Spinach Dip! We were extra thankful that our Nutralean was so versatile that day.  One possible disaster: avoided! Thank you Natural for saving the day!

We got everything ready, including ourselves, and set off to meet everyone at TasteBuzz! This was the most exciting part. The event brought together businesses, media representatives and influencers to all get to know each other under the same roof. We had a beautiful view of the Hudson River behind us, and talked to some wonderful people. What more could we want!? 

As the evening continued, we made some awesome connections, and got to talk about our company with people who shared our passion. As mentioned above, there were 15 other companies at TasteBuzz and we were lucky enough at the end of the evening to walk around and get to know them a little better too. It's beautiful to see people in the Natural Food Industry, sharing a mutual love for a healthy lifestyle. 

Another amazing surprise? A few of our 300+ recipe cookbooks came hot off the press just in time for this event. Beautifully printed and ready for everyone to start cooking, our Ultimate Protein Cookbook was definitely another exciting stepping stone to a beautiful trip. We were equally excited to see them in print for ourselves as we were to give them out to some lucky attendees!

Our last day was filled with a little more exploring before we had to get to the airport. The next thing we knew, we were flying back to Charlottetown, PEI, with the memories of an awesome weekend, anxiously awaiting to tell the rest of the team how our trip went!! Sufficient to say, we were all smiling ear to ear after returning home and getting back to day to day life! 

Want to see more photos? Check us out on Instagram! We have a whole button on our profile page dedicated to this adventure!! 


Much love, 

Steph Butt



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