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My New Skin Routine: Gillian's Journey

Hey everyone!

This week marks week 12 of using Nutracelle! I’ve been seeing so many positive changes, especially the last few weeks. To date, I’ve lost 24 pounds and I’m hoping to break the 25-pound mark in the coming week. Some of the positive changes I’ve noticed: my legs are slimming out; those pesky inner thigh bulges are slowly disappearing. You know the ones? Those fat pockets that attach themselves to your inner thigh around the knee area. Mine are slowly disappearing! My hips and backside are starting to slim out a bit too. I monitor these changes after I get out of the bath or shower, I can feel the changes in my body as I’m drying off.

When I see my face in the mirror I can see one less chin and my jawline is narrowing a little as well. Good-bye Ben’s jowls! (Ben was my dad, bless his heart).

Although my weight loss has slowed down a bit now, I’ve been walking and exercising a bit more lately and I truly think it's what’s making the biggest difference in my body. I can bend so much easier and my movements feel more fluid, plus… as strange as it sounds, I feel taller. My hair is shinier. I’m starting to like my body a bit more these days.

The most amazing change I’m seeing is how my hands and feet are healing. I have skin psoriasis as well as the arthritis that goes along with it. I’ve been taking Humira injections now for almost 2 years and it has helped a little.

I remember the day my first shipment of Nutracelle arrived by courier. My hands were so sore, the skin on my fingers was cracked and bleeding. I couldn’t even pick up a pen to write my own name. I had to carry the box with the palms of both hands. It felt like I had multiple paper cuts on all my fingers. I had been reading up on things that aggravate psoriasis and eczema and the one thing that stood out the most was gluten. I was SO excited to try Nutracelle because I knew it was gluten free and I was hopeful that it might help my hands and feet. 

It's 12 weeks later and I’m thrilled to say that my hands are 99% healed! (Check my recent video on our NutraTalk Facebook group to see my hands!) My feet are responding quite well too. Although not quite as healed as my hands, they are about 90% better than they were!  I started noticing a difference after a few weeks on Nutracelle and this is the longest stretch of healing I’ve had in several years. 

Another thing I’ve noticed lately is how soft my skin is feeling all over. The "goose flesh" on my arm and legs, an indicator of gluten sensitivity, is less noticeable too. You have no idea how huge that is for me. I am so grateful.

Last January I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was not surprised in the least as it runs on both sides of my family. I’ve seen, first hand, the medical issues that arise from it. The heart disease risk, and the kidney disease risk caused by diabetes medications. I was determined to try and break the cycle and get off the pills if possible. My doctor assured me that with diet and exercise I had a good chance of reversing my diabetes, so I knew I had to try. Since Nutracelle has no added sugar, I felt it would be helpful in getting my sugars under control. Nutracelle couldn’t have crossed my path at a better time. After my first month, my sugars dropped from 8.1 down to 7.5 according to my lab results.  I will have more blood work done around mid September and I’m hoping for another good report. I want to be off these pills within the next 12 months.

Although the physical improvements have been awesome, how I’ve been feeling mentally and emotionally has been nothing short of amazing! Losing weight and improving my gut health with Nutracelle’s prebiotic fiber has left me feeling so good on the inside, it can’t help but show on the outside! I’ve always tried to project a positive attitude but since starting this new lifestyle, I’ve been living a much happier and more positive life than I ever thought possible. My confidence level is on the rise and I can finally smile at the woman looking back at me in the mirror. I’ve even stepped outside my comfort zone a time or two lately.

Writing these blogs has been an experience. I’ve never written anything other than a short story in my younger days, and this was a challenge for me. It's something I never would have considered doing 3 months ago, but here I am! Hahaha! Not bad for 3 months hey? To say that I’m excited to see what the next 3 months has in store for me is an understatement and I’ll certainly be looking forward to giving another progress report at that time.

My recipe for this week is one that I made last night to take to a potluck supper at a friend’s house. It was the Hamburger Stew recipe found in the More Than Smoothies recipe book and online at It reminded me of a dish my mom used to make when we were kids. She called hers Mince Meat Stew. Gosh, we loved that stuff. The Nutracelle hamburger stew is similar in taste but uses much healthier ingredients plus it's so filling and guilt-free! For me, it brought back memories of my mom, a good meal of "comfort food”.

That’s another reason I love Nutracelle, you can make any meal healthier just by adding the Natural Nutralean to a recipe. Ill never be without it! Mom would approve! 


Thanks for dropping in again this week everyone, and please stop by again next week!!