by Nutracelle Staff November 14, 2018 3 min read

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'm so excited, I’ve just recently received my first order of the new and improved formulas and I have to say: I’m SO impressed.  Not only did I get to sample the new formulation (100% all-natural, yipee!!) but I also got to try the new flavor, Salted Caramel, too!

Here's my official review on taste/texture/fullness:

  • 5/5 Taste: AMAZING flavor. I've been having it almost daily.
  • 5/5 Texture: Incredible, thick and creamy with just water.
  • 5/5 Fullness: As always with my Nutralean, I felt full for hours.

Why was there a formula change?

If you're new to Nutracelle, you may not even realize that the formula has changed.  The old formula, though delicious, had some ingredients that didn't qualify as all-natural.  Nutracelle's main mission is to bring safe, healthy foods into the homes of everyone, everywhere.

My favourite part of the new formula

The thing that stands out the most is that the old prebiotic fiber, due to it being fast-acting, caused some folks to experience gas and flatulence, and now the new fiber from the acacia tree doesn't!  I’ll tell you that I, for one, am thrilled about that because I was one of those who suffered. I can’t tell you how many times I had to leave the room because I couldn’t stand to be around myself! Ha-ha, luckily that's a thing of the past now with the new formula.  

What other changes were there?

The old formula also had trace amounts of sucralose to help round out the bitterness of the old stevia, which has now been replaced with 100% sweet-as-icing stevia! There are no artificial sweeteners or flavors of any kind in the product now.  Another bonus!

The other benefits

As always, Nutralean is still nut free, low carb, high protein and gluten free! It’s amazing for those of you who have food allergies because it is the cleanest protein powder on the planet. 

But back to the review

In my order this week, I tried the Salted Caramel for the first time. I’ve never been a big caramel lover to be honest. I mean, I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I know, crazy right?  Who doesn’t love caramel?  I hadn't intended to try it, but I thought I would give one bag a shot just to satisfy my curiosity.

I have, at times, added a little bit of sugar-free caramel to my smoothies in the past because I could control the amount of flavoring I was putting in. Sometimes, to me, caramel tends to be a bit bitter. For this reason, I was a bit apprehensive on ordering it. 

Well, let me tell you... I’m SO glad I took the chance because it has become my new favorite flavor!

It’s the perfect blend of salt and caramel, and the flavor itself is a treat to my taste buds. I’ve had it with coffee added to it, chocolate, peanut butter, even added a couple of tablespoons of cream cheese for the cheesecake indulgence. 

Another thing that impressed me is how easily it mixes with just water.

I’ve always used unsweetened coconut milk in my smoothies for that added creaminess, but no more! This new formula mixes up much thicker and richer than the old formula used to in water. By cutting out the coconut milk, I’m saving at least 100 calories a day. I love that!!  I’m saving calories AND money at the same time!! 

I have to say, all in all, I’m definitely a happy girl with the new improved formulas.

So happy in fact that today I made cookies using the Salted Caramel protein powder. It's a recipe that our very own Tracy Stewart concocted a few weeks back. You can find her homemade recipe here.

Next time I’m making a double batch and freezing them for my own Christmas cookie treat! You really need to try these!!  They are simply amazing!! 

I "hoovered" down 2 of those bad boys hot from the oven. I LOVE that I don't have to feel guilty about my protein treats.  They're healthy, filling, and keep me on track! 

Speaking of being on track...

I recently announced in our NutraTalk group support that I'm officially down 33.5 pounds and I'm SO PROUD of myself! 

Join me again next time!
Thanks for reading!!!  

Nutracelle Staff
Nutracelle Staff

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