November 02, 2018 2 min read

Hey everyone!

We have a special blog post today - our team has a new addition! 

We're so happy to welcome Jordan to the Nutracelle family.  Jordan will be taking on customer service duties among some other fun tasks that are more in-office and behind-the-scenes!

You'll be hearing from her more and more as she gets comfortable in her role (though we think she's already doing incredible!).

Jordan comes from small town Montague, PEI and is the proud mommy of sweet (almost) 4-year-old Iris. Her background is primarily customer service with some super awesome warehouse knowledge from her last job, too!

How sweet are those curls?!

Let's get to know Jordan a little bit! Here's a list of some of Jordan's favourite things:

  • Being Iris' mommy (duh)
  • Her family - Jordan has two older siblings, three nephews and a niece
  • Singalongs in the car
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Sriracha hot sauce (on everything)
  • Memes
  • Coffee Mocha Nutralean
  • Nutracelle mug cakes
  • Loaded cauliflower
  • Anything horror-related or spooky 

Jordan was introduced to the Nutracelle lifestyle through myself (Tracy) and fell in love.  Since being introduced back in the summer, Jordan has been replacing meals with shakes and learning to cook/bake with Nutracelle. One of her favourite meals is making loaded cauliflower and adding our Natural Nutralean into every possible step! (Stay tuned for a blog recipe next week!)

When I asked Jordan during her training what benefits Nutracelle brings into her life, here are her top three answers:

  • I love being a healthy role model for my daughter, I want her to grow up confident, healthy and happy. 
  • Shakes are quick and easy delicious meals, no more skipping meals because I don’t have time! 
  • I love being able to use my Nutralean as a substitute for a healthy meal or additive not JUST shakes, being able to cook & bake with it is incredible.

We're so excited to have Jordan as a part of our team, and we know you'll love her too!

Be sure to give her a huge welcome on NutraTalk!




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