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Stay in Control this Holiday Season - 25 Hacks For a Healthier Christmas

25 Hacks to Stay on Track

The holidays have arrived!

Who knows how they've managed to sneak up on us so fast, but here we are.  Things are getting somewhat chaotic with planning get-togethers, shopping for loved ones, holiday baking, wrapping gifts, and more.  It's important this holiday season to set aside time for YOU.  That's why Melanie is bringing you her Top 25 Hacks to Stay on Track in this super fun video!  Some of these tips will help you stay on track all year long. 

Melanie is no stranger to struggles with weight

Having spent her adult years clinically obese, Melanie took control of her life and had bariatric surgery.  She learned shortly after, though, that surgery wasn't a guarantee to life-long success.  She knew she needed to make changes to the way she viewed food, both for her own success and for her children's health.  That's why her mission is to help people everywhere live healthier lives without depriving themselves of the food they love. 

If you want to learn more about Melanie's story, check out our article about her incredible journey

Did you know?

The average person gains two to five pounds during the holiday season.  We don't know about you, but we've never fallen under the "average" category, so the reality is that some of us gain even more.  We all know the vicious cycle: we get off track during the holidays, only to turn around and set new goals for January 1st.  This year, let's end that cycle and end the year in control of our health and happiness.  

Here are a few of the incredible tips Melanie gives you in the video below:

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan.

    Don't tell yourself you'll just "avoid" the bad. When you rely on will power, you set yourself up for struggle. Instead, get ahead and plan what you need to do during the holidays to stay on track and avoid the guilt.

  2. Eat protein before you head out to party.

    Before you leave the house, implement step #1 and plan ahead. Have some protein either as a Nutracelle shake (check out our recipes for yummy Nutralean shakes here), or even some chicken, eggs, etc. The more protein you have, the fuller you'll feel... and you'll find it easier to resist temptations.

  3. Let your eyes eat first!

    If there are a ton of options around, take a look around and scope out the food. Find your healthy options and fill up on those FIRST.

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We love and appreciate you ♥

We want to wish you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.  We're so thankful that you're a part of our big family and wouldn't be where we are without each and every one of you.  We look forward to sharing the Nutracelle love in the new year and inspiring even more people.  Together, we're changing the way the world sees healthy.  

If you haven't had a chance to meet the Nutracelle team, check out our article here to learn a little bit about each of us!