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The Top 14 Surprising places gluten may be hiding

We are all familiar with the usual suspects; pizza, bread and pasta, but surprisingly some everyday, less obvious items may contain gluten. For most of us, we just plain feel better when we avoid gluten, but for someone suffering from gluten sensitivity or more severely, Celiac Disease, accidentally coming in contact with these hidden sources of gluten can have serious side effects. We have put together a list of the top 14 places gluten may be hiding. Some of them may surprise you!

Some surprising places Gluten may be hiding:

  1. Cereals: Be cautious even with non wheat based cereals. for example, a rice or corn cereal may contain added malt flavouring, which comes from barley. Always check the ingredients or look for “gluten free” on the label. 
  2. Deli Meats: Some deli meats may contain wheat based binders, fillers or seasonings. 
  3. Lip Balm: People with Celiac Disease should avoid lip care products containing gluten, because these can be easily ingested when used in the mouth area. 
  4. Shampoo: Because we absorb substances through our skin, it is best to avoid shampoos containing gluten. Often times it is used as a thickening agent. 
  5. Medications: Some over the counter or prescription drugs may contain gluten to bind pills together. Always check with your Pharmacist to be sure. 
  6. Condiments: Gluten is often used as a stabilizer and thickener in many condiments. Always check the label on ketchup, mustard, pasta sauces and barbecue sauces. 
  7. Spices and Seasonings: May contain gluten based flours as an anti caking agent.This is especially common in spice blends.  
  8. Soy sauce: Typically contains wheat. A good substitute is tamari. 
  9. Flavoured potato chips: Check for malted barley flour, malted vinegar, or anything with the word “malt” on the ingredients list.
  10. Salad dressings: If you see wheat, rye or barley, the dressing contains gluten. Some other common ingredients in salad dressings that may contain gluten are artificial colour, dextrin, ground spices, malt, malt vinegar, flour, soy sauce and food starch.
  11. Children’s Play-dough: Play-dough contains gluten flours as an ingredient. Children commonly put things in their mouthes including their hands so this can be dangerous for kids with celiac disease. To be safe, make your own. 
  12. French Fries: Although french fries are made from potatoes, some may contain a crispy flour coating making them no longer gluten free. Always double check the label. 
  13. Candy: Some candy is thickened with wheat flour. Liquorice is one of the most common culprits. 
  14. Canned soups: Many canned soups contain wheat-based thickeners. 

In the beginning it may feel little overwhelming and mean some extra time at the grocery store, but with time it will become second nature. 

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Nutracelle Staff
Nutracelle Staff

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