by Melanie Wildman August 15, 2017 2 min read

You can add alcohol in moderation back into your diet only when you are no longer trying to lose weight and you are maintaining your weight loss.

Nutracelle alcohol calorie swap


Drinking increases feelings of hunger and decreases judgment skills, which is deadly for eating clean. It’s also why bar food is nachos, burgers, fries, and wings! Research shows that alcohol will slow down your metabolism and cause your body to store more fat. According to a 2015 study conducted at the Netherlands Centre for Human Drug Research, men who drank the equivalent of just two drinks (20g of alcohol) increased their subsequent food intake by 19 percent.




Alcohol increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol and high levels of cortisol in the body can contribute to gaining excess belly fat. Also, alcohol can cause gut disruption and reduce the healthy gut flora from our prebiotics in Nutracelle that you need for weight loss.




Alcohol is high in calories (even one ounce of vodka has 97 calories - without any mix!) and has virtually no nutrients. Drinks like Long Island Iced Tea can have 780 calories, a margarita can have almost 800 calories and a 9 oz. glass of white wine can easily have over 200 calories! This is why excess calories from alcohol can slow weight loss or even contribute significantly to weight gain.


Did you know that women who consider themselves average wine drinkers consume an excess of 2,000 calories per month? That’s equivalent of 141 ice creams a year!



  • Follow these guidelines to re-introduce alcohol while still achieving your weight loss and health goals:
  • NO alcohol during your weight loss phase!
  • When you reach your goal weight, AVOID ALL sugary drink mixes and high-calorie drinks.
  • As you lose weight, even small amounts of alcohol can cause intoxication and low blood sugar.
  • Alcohol inhibits good judgment, making you much more likely to make poor food choices.
  • Stick to red wines, which have been shown to have a health benefit in moderation.
  • Be VERY aware of the calorie content of alcohol!
  • Never drink and drive, even after consuming only minimal alcohol.
  • If you find yourself drinking regularly to cope with emotions or stress, seek help by consulting with your doctor.
  • Check out our recipes for common liquors and drinks you can make low-sugar and high protein once you have reached your goal weight.
Melanie Wildman
Melanie Wildman

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