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    How much Fiber do You Need?

    Fiber Needed Daily


    Fiber Needed Daily



    Prebiotic fiber slows protein digestion, dramatically increasing its bioavailability so your body is able to maximize all of Nutracelle’s protein for muscle synthesis, immune response and cellular repair.

    Without this fiber, protein is digested more rapidly and the excess can be converted to glucose, slowing weight loss and reducing health benefits.

    Benefits of Prebiotic Fiber

      • Reduces hunger hormones
      • Boosts leptin, the ‘fullness’ hormone
      • Increases fat-burning by over 228% 
      • Protects your muscles and bones
      • Reduces insulin resistance
      • Reduces risk of heart disease
      • Lowers triglycerides
      • Improves protein absorption
      • Better nutrient and mineral absorption
      • Beneficial for those with Crohn’s, Colitis and IBS
      • May reduce the risk of bowel cancer
      • Improves regularity and digestion
      • Improves sleep and elevates mood
      • Aides mental clarity & memory 
      • Improves sleep and mood

    Prebiotic vs Probiotics

    Why You Need Both

    Did you know there are over 10 TIMES more bacteria in your gut than there are cells in your body? 

    Most people think taking a probiotic with 5-10 billion bacteria will help them get a healthier gut. But a probiotic can only add a tiny fraction of what we need.  The truth is, without prebiotic fiber in your diet to fertilize your good gut flora, the bad bacteria will quickly overwhelm even the best probiotic supplements.

    Nutracelle’s Prebiotic Fiber is so powerful it can naturally DOUBLE the number of good bacteria in your gut every 20 minutes – far more than is possible with a probiotic supplement.

    Where does our Prebiotic Fiber come from?

    We're bringing you 5 of our easiest, healthiest, no-bake recipes in this new blog!  Forget spending all of your time planning food, you should be ENJOYING it instead!  With these allergen-friendly, protein-packed recipes you can transition back to school without a hitch.  Our school-safe products make it even easier to pack lunches for both you and your kids.

    When we step out of one major part of our routine, it can sometimes cause a ripple effect that leads to the rest of our routine getting thrown out the window.  If you're worried about staying on track with your healthy lifestyle through the hot summer days, this blog is for you. We'll be sharing tips and tricks to stay healthy this summer without sacrificing on the fun, the flavor, or the memories.

    We were lucky enough to chat with Nutrafam member Jenn Bauder about her journey with Nutracelle and how our allergen-friendly protein products changed her life. Read the blog to find out how.