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Sugar-Free Peppermint Bark Bars

These chocolate-y no-bake peppermint bark bars will bring you back to the simpler times of candy canes and chocolates by the fire.  Fresh peppermint combined with rich, chocolatey NutraVegan prebiotic protein powder makes the nicest combination of sweet and minty.  Thanks to our unique allergen-friendly protein powder, these healthy bars won't even make the naughty list! 

This healthy bark will simplify your holiday baking

With the holidays upon us, you've probably already had a start on your holiday baking.  Traditionally, peppermint bark, sugar cookies and marshmallow squares decorated the tables amidst peanut butter balls, fudge, and other rich desserts.  Though familiar and nostalgic, those sugar-laden treats can be the tasty treat that sends your tummy to bed early. 

Creating guilt-free treats like our peppermint bark bars has become our favourite Nutracelle tradition. Every year we look forward to coming up with healthy alternatives to your favourite indulgences. After all, what good is being nice all year if you can't enjoy the naughty foods you love?!

These bars are easy and require no baking - which means minimal mess.  We used this silicon bar mold, but you can use whatever you prefer - or follow our peppermint bark recipe and use a cookie sheet with parchment paper for a thin traditional bite.

A new approach to an old favourite: peppermint bark bars

If you didn't think our peppermint bark could get any tastier, well, we're happy to prove you wrong.  These bars add a special bit of crunch to our favourite minty treat with a thicker milk-chocolate-like mixture of coconut oil and mouthwatering Chocolate NutraVegan.  That's right, thanks to our plant-based powerhouse NutraVegan, this recipe is gluten-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, and vegan-friendly!