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10 Easy Ways to Avoid Stress over the Holidays

10 Easy Ways to Avoid Stress over the Holidays

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Finding time to enjoy yourself should be at the top of your holiday ‘to-do’ list this year.  Granted, this is easier said than done when you start making lists of all there is to do: shopping, wrapping, cleaning, baking, planning, cooking, decorating, etc., but if every holiday is spent with go-go-go on the brain you won’t have time to make happy memories – and even worse, you may stop looking forward to them.  Fret not, we’re here with 10 easy ways to help you avoid stress over the holiday season this year and get back to the nostalgic magic we all love.  Some of these tips are tried-and-true, and some may be new advice for you.  

Get back to feeling merry with these stress-reducing tips for the holidays

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect

This is a rule that we all need to bring everywhere in life.  Sometimes our need for perfection can hold us back from fully feeling accomplished and proud of what we’ve done.  With social media as up-front and centre as it is, we have constant opportunities to compare – and that’s not helpful or healthy.  Take a step back and be proud of what you’ve done, whether it’s cleaning, decor, baking, or just prepping your lists.  It doesn’t have to be perfect - relieve yourself of that pressure and enjoy every moment of the process.

  • Schedule relaxing time

If you can plan gatherings and shopping expeditions, you can also plan a relaxing session for yourself (and your family).  Schedule a walk, or a couple of hours of reading/watching your favourite show.  Your brain, and body, will thank you. 

  • Stay hydrated & healthy

One of the fastest ways to impact your overall well-being is to slack on your hydration.  Not getting enough water can make you lethargic, prone to brain fog, headaches, and also contributes to a weakened immune system.   Feeling crappy over the holidays is sure to add to your stress, so make sure you’re taking your water bottle with you on your outings and focusing on high-water-content snacks when possible, too.  In line with this, stay on your supplement game, too.  Don’t slack on your vitamins during the stressful busy time, trust us – and if you need a top up, you know where to get ‘em! Click here for our favourite vitamin gummies.

  • Make a list, check it twice

It may sound silly, or maybe even just a tad bit obvious, but writing lists of what you have to do truly helps.  We suggest you take this a step further and even make different lists to avoid overwhelming yourself with one giant task list.  For example: a list of food shopping items should be separate from your gift shopping list.  The goal is not to overload yourself, but instead to organize your thoughts and streamline your line of focus. This helps you feel more in-control which leads to less stress… plus, it’s also known to lead to a boost in your productivity! Win-win. Bonus tip: even if you’ve already accomplished something before making the list, write it downanyway with the sole intent of checking it off.  We all love to feel accomplished, and we deserve the good feelings!  

  • Plan time for yourself

relaxing holiday scene with a book and a couch and nutramin anti anxiety gummies on the table with cookies

Different from our tip above about planning a relaxing time for yourself and your family, this one is just aboutyou. Yes, you.  The one you put last, and the one who ends up feeling the worst of the holiday stress and exhaustion.  This year is going to be different, okay?  It will.  You are the one with the power to make sure you focus on yourself, so it’s up to you to use that power.  Grab your favourite blanket or book, find a private spot and close out the world.  Give yourself a couple of hours to soak in the tub, or even go get your nails done.  Something that’s just about you - and something that allows you to let go of the responsibilities and expectations for a little while.  You deserve that. 

  • Share the load

Which leads us right into our next tip: you reallydon’thave to do everything alone.  It may seem easier to just do it yourself, but not only are you carrying the burden alone, you’re also removing someone else’s opportunity to help and create memories with you.  And we know, when you do it yourself you can make sure it’s done properly – but we’re going to refer you back to tip number one… and you may find you breathe a bit easier.

  • Put Social Media Away

This is a tough one, we know.  But hear us out before you roll your eyes:  social media is a land of exorbitant information, some good and some not so good. Even without consciously thinking about it, you’re absorbing the information you’re scrolling past.  Other people’s holidays can look a lot different than yours, and quite frankly – comparison is the thief of joy.  We recommend sticking to limited social media time and living in the moment.  Take your photos, use your phone for your organizing and lists, even for your shopping, etc. But do yourself the small favor of reducing your exposure to social media scrolling and you will undoubtedly feel better.

  • Set your boundaries early

The holidays can lead our friends and family to be more demanding than usual.  You may have a sibling, or older family member, who feels they have the right to call the shots and dictate who does what/ what gift amounts are spent/ etc.  It’s important to sit down before the season gets into full swing and figure out what’s best for you, and your immediate family.  No one likes to feel run ragged through the ‘most joyous time of the year’ - so try to decide early on:

    • Whose events will you attend? Will you need to plan for travel?
    • What baked goods or food items will you be responsible for if you attend each event
    • If you’ll be hosting guests: how long will they be staying? 
    • Conflict preparation: the holiday stress affects us all differently, what can you plan if conflict breaks out? What are the best management ideas for avoiding tension?
    • And a major one… Spending: Set a firm budget with yourself ahead of time, make a list of your gift recipients and do your best to stick to that list and budget. The holidays are not about the amount of financial investment you make, they’re about quality time and memories.  
  • Get plenty of sleep


Prioritize rest and stop battling those racing thoughts at night, snag a bottle of our  Sleepy Time Gummies for adults and fall into a blissful slumber with the perfect blend of relaxation in every chew. Made with our unique blend of passion flower, lemon balm and vegetable melatonin, these delicious gummies will have you feeling rested and ready to take on anything the holidays throw at you. Anxiety affects roughly 40 million adults in the U.S. alone.(1) One of the quickest ways to set yourself up for added anxiety is to not get enough sleep.

  • Focus on what you can control, let go of what you can’t

This is a bit of a trick one - focusing on what you can control, that is.  The truth is, there are only two things you can always control: your actions, and your thoughts.  

If you feel yourself running on a low battery, which can present in the form of feeling irritated, emotional, or overly sensitive about things you normally wouldn’t, try taking a step away from the moment and breathing deeply.  This is the moment where you’re still in control, but allowing your reactions to dictate your thoughts can easily lead to losing control.  Skip the spiral of guilt and shame when you lose your cool, and go through these 10 tips and remind yourself that you matter, too.  You can’t create the perfect holiday for everyone else while feeling undone.  

As always, thanks for reading! Questions? Comments?  We love to hear from you! Send us an e-mail: and chat with Tracy, our Director of Customer Service.