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4 Benefits of Melatonin for Kids

4 Benefits of Melatonin for Kids

Sleep is essential at any age, but it's especially important for growing kids. For those who may have trouble getting the rest they need, the benefits of melatonin for kids can’t be overstated.

Children need adequate sleep to be able to focus in school, retain information, and feel happy and energized. Kids are still growing physically and mentally, and sleep supports their development by providing energy throughout the day.

Here’s how melatonin supplements for kids can help to fill the gaps and promote healthy sleep habits.

1. Melatonin May Help Kids Fall Asleep Faster

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the body and helps regulate the body's sleep-wake cycle. Taking melatonin before bedtime may help kids fall asleep faster than usual and improve overall sleep quality.

Kids may struggle to fall asleep for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Too much screen time or blue light exposure
  • Caffeine
  • Anxiety (e.g. scared of the dark, monsters under the bed)
  • Inconsistent bedtime
  • Stress
  • Side effects of medications
  • A need to use the restroom after being tucked into bed

Many of these issues can be resolved by building healthy habits throughout the day. For instance, limiting sugary foods and screentime can help the body avoid feeling overstimulated.

Melatonin can be a great short-term solution for creating better sleeping habits. Melatonin signals to the body that it’s time to rest. Taking it at a consistent time each night will help the body to build and maintain a sleep-wake cycle that works for your child.

2. Melatonin Benefits Kids with Certain Conditions or Behaviors

Health-related conditions like ADHD, asthma, or autism may cause children to struggle with sleep. Children with ADHD have trouble regulating their focus and energy, which can spill over into the nighttime. For kids with asthma, coughing or wheezing during the night can interrupt sleep, leading to daytime tiredness and overall poor sleep quality.

Adding melatonin to the nightly routine may help children fall asleep more easily, allowing them more time to rest and recharge.

3. Melatonin Can Help Kids Stay Asleep Throughout the Night

Slow-release melatonin may help children sleep all night. Children that wake up during the night may have a hard time going back to sleep. This sleep disruption can take a toll on their physical and mental health, especially if they’re waking up every night. The effects of sleep loss compound over time and increase the risk of developing serious health conditions.

4. Melatonin Can Help Kids Adjust to New Environments

Sleeping in a new environment can be disruptive to children’s sleep patterns. Moving to a new home, going on vacation, or staying with a friend can contribute to nighttime anxiety or difficulty in falling asleep. Melatonin supplements for kids may help children adjust to new environments more easily without sacrificing sleep quality.

How to Choose Melatonin for Kids

Melatonin supplements come in all strengths and sizes. Parents should take care to choose melatonin supplements that are made for children. Starting with the lowest dosage ensures you give your child only what they need to improve their sleep quality.

Our new children’s Sleepy Time gummies are made for young, growing minds and bodies. Plant-based and sugar-free, we’ve blended natural ingredients like chamomile, melatonin, lemon balm, and passion flower to provide a safe, tasty, effective solution for better nighttime sleep.

Explore our ingredients and their benefits, then talk to your child’s pediatrician to see how the benefits of melatonin for kids can help your child thrive.