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    56 Names For Sugar That You Didn't Know

    Sugar = Weight Gain!

    Sugar and other simple carbohydrates will slow your weight loss because they are quickly digested and absorbed and they will spike your blood sugar, making you hungrier. A spike in your blood sugars will cause you to become hungrier sooner and research shows you will eat much more throughout the day.


    nutracelle danger of sugar chart inforgraphic


    56 Dangerous Names For Sugar

    1.  Agave nectar*

    2. Barbados sugar*

    3.  Barley malt

    4. Beet sugar*

    5. Blackstrap molasses*

    6. Brown rice syrup*

    7. Brown sugar*

    8.  Buttered syrup*

    9. Cane juice crystals*

    10.  Cane sugar*

    11.  Caramel*

    12. Carob syrup*

    13. Castor sugar*

    14.  Confectioner’s sugar*

    15. Corn syrup

    16. Corn syrup solids

    17. Crystalline fructose*

    18. Date sugar*

    19. Demerara sugar*

    20. Dextran

    21. Dextrose

    22. Diastatic malt

    23.  Diatase

    24. Ethyl maltol

    25. Evaporated cane juice*

    26. Florida crystals*

    27.  Fructose*

    28. Fruit juice*

    29.  Fruit juice concentrate*

    30. Galactose

    31. Glucose

    32. Glucose solids

    33. Golden sugar*

    34. Golden syrup*

    35. Grape sugar*

    36. High-fructose corn syrup*

    37. Honey*

    38. Icing sugar*

    39. Invert sugar*

    40. Lactose

    41. Malt syrup

    42. Maltose

    43. Maple syrup*

    44. Molasses*

    45. Muscovado sugar*

    46. Organic raw sugar*

    47. Panocha*

    48. Raw sugar*

    49. Refiner’s syrup*

    50. Rice syrup

    51. Sorghum syrup*

    52. Sucrose*

    53. Sugar*

    54. Treacle*

    55. Turbinado sugar*

    56. Yellow sugar*

    *Contains fructose. The FDA considers sugar to be any one of the following six compounds: glucose, galactose, fructose, maltose (glucose-glucose), lactose (glucose-galactose), and sucrose (glucose-fructose).


    Signs of blood sugar imbalance:


    • Cravings for sweets, sugar, or bread products. (This is almost a guaranteed sign that your blood sugar is out of balance)
    • Fatigue after eating a meal
    • Getting lightheaded if meals are missed
    • Eating sweets does not relieve the
    • cravings for sweets
    • Depend on coffee to get started or keep yourself going
    • Difficulty losing weight

    How to balance your blood sugar: Eat more protein


    • Digest more protein (check stomach acid levels to make sure you are digesting properly)
    • Eliminate simple carbohydrates & sugar
    • Eat more good fats and essential fatty acids
    • Eat more fiber
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