June 03, 2019 2 min read

Get to know NutraFam member: Steph

We love seeing our girl Steph sharing her journey with us in NutraTalk, and wanted to interview her and learn a little more about what led her to our family!

Keep reading to find out how Nutracelle has helped this momma! 

1. Name 
Steph Somers

2. Where do you live?
Cardigan PEI

3. How did you first hear about Nutracelle?
From Tracy Stewart (Click here to read her story!)

4. When did you join the Nutracelle family?
I started buying Nutracelle in January

5. What helped you make the decision to join?
I needed to lose weight and get healthier for my family

6. What's your WHY?
For my kids and for myself

7. Which flavours have you tried? 
All of them! (Browse products here)

8. Which is your favourite currently?
Vanilla, Chocolate and Natural

9. Have you cooked/baked with your Nutracelle yet?
I use my Nutralean anytime I cook or bake, it goes into everything! 

10. Which recipe has been your favourite?
I love the meat sauce, the pizza casserole and pizza crust

How has Nutracelle benefited you/your family?
I have lost 38.5lbs to date! It gives me more energy to play with my kids

Have you noticed an energy increase?
Yes big time, I can actually play with my kids even if I don’t get sleep the night before.

Have you referred anyone to Nutracelle?
I have referred everyone I know. 

How often do you use your Nutralean?
Everyday! Love having my yummy shakes

Any final comments?
Nutracelle is by far the best protein powder I have ever had! My children even love having smoothies with Nutralean in them!

I hope everyone takes the time to congratulate Steph on her success in the comments! We are SO proud of you girl! <3


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