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What I learned from Nutracelle

A little about me

Hi! My name is Crystal.  I've spent the past 6 weeks doing an internship with Nutracelle.  My weight-loss journey starts off maybe a bit differently than most; I didn't start for the weight-loss. That was just an added bonus for me.

I started eating low-carb about three years ago after being desperate for energy.

Sure I was about 30 lbs overweight, but my main reason for changing to a healthier lifestyle was constant exhaustion. I didn't have to look at the time to know when 1PM rolled around. Like clockwork everyday it would hit me and I would have to nap.

No matter how much rest I got, I always seemed to be in a fog.

I was puzzled because the amount of food I ate was very little. I was never a big eater, and I always kept my portions in check. What I didn't realize: my problem was what I was eating, not how much. Quality not quantity was definitely not on my radar.

A friend of mine introduced me to the keto lifestyle.

Promising better sleep, mental clarity, weight loss and most intriguing to me, ENERGY! I was skeptical but desperate. I started removing sugars and bad carbs. I was mindful about what I was eating and actually started drinking water. I was a huge cola person so this was a big accomplishment for me!

I even coached others on how to adopt this way of eating into their daily lives. Something I never would have thought I would be confident enough to do!

In a short time, I felt like a new person; I had energy to do things and felt much more positive and happy all of the time. I didn’t realize how what we eat and how we feel were so closely connected.

As a bonus, the weight came off and was the lowest it had ever been since my teenage years. In most people's opinions I was never overweight to begin with and sometimes got asked why I was doing this.

Despite the constant, “You don't need to lose weight!” comments I just kept on going, for me.

Until all of a sudden before even I realized, i became complacent. I was slipping back into old habits of making poor food choices. My energy was back to that old familiar low, and while the scale was moving upward so was my lethargy. I went about maintenance entirely the wrong way. Instead of upping my daily calorie intake with healthy choices, it was sugars, bread and even back to cola!

Somehow I had forgotten why I had started this whole thing.

But then, a new opportunity arose!

As my children started getting older, I started thinking about a career change. Over the years I had been taking temporary jobs to balance home and work life.

Now with an almost 20 year old, and a 17 year old, (where has the time gone?) I felt it was time to do something I enjoyed and make them (and me) proud! But I didn't know what that was. It's not something I had ever really taken the time to think about.

I made the decision to enroll in a course for people who were at a point in their lives where they wanted to explore a new career path.

Little did I know that this choice to go back to school would lead me to getting both my health and career goals back on track all in one decision.

I learned so much about myself and what my strengths are.

The only thing left to do was find a work placement as the final module of my course.

The purpose would be to discover hands on if what I had learned about myself and what I might like to do, was right for me. I researched some local companies and went on some informational interviews. Nothing seemed to spark anything in me and I was beginning to think I would be back at square one.

I had been following Nutracelle’s very own Tracy's journey since the beginning (we grew up in the same community). Check out her amazing 100+ lb weight loss story if you haven't already. Such an inspiration! As I was browsing Facebook one day, I saw one of her posts. 

Suddenly, I had an idea - maybe Nutracelle was the place for me.

The company’s message seemed to value the same things about nutrition that I did and they help people to be their best selves, which I enjoyed doing not too long ago,  before I had just given up.

I took a chance and asked them for an informational interview which almost didn't happen (I had car troubles that morning, but I made it! Something was testing me that day!) I went through my typical question sheet with Tracy and Jordan. They both seemed so amazingly happy and so passionate about their jobs.

I left our meeting with a happy, positive feeling for the rest of the day. Even my instructor commented that I was so happy upon returning to class that afternoon, this never happened on the several other interviews I went on. Something was different about this place!

I was ecstatic when I received word I could do my placement at Nutracelle head office with such positive, inspiring people. Things seemed to be looking up!

Day one of my new lifestyle was incredible.

I spent the day learning so much about the product and how important protein and fiber are to your health! This was one thing I never really gave much thought to in the past. I was always more focused on limiting carbohydrates and staying below my calorie limit.

Having never tried the product, Tracy was making her shake for lunch and offered me one. I figured, sure, I really should try the product if I am going to work there for a bit, right! Again not even thinking about getting myself back on track.

I was in love!

I've tried so many protein powders over the years and it wasn't a positive experience. This stuff was so different! I quickly started replacing the junk with shakes and making delicious recipes with the Natural Nutralean.

My energy even started to come back! It felt so great to be passed the first and hardest step: getting started again.

Importance of doing maintenance, the right way

I am now over a month in and I can say that I am back on track and I have the tools to maintain my weight the proper way when I get back to my goal weight this time around.

Being at Nutracelle’s head office surrounded by amazing positive people every day definitely has been a huge bonus for me! So blessed! I am fortunate to get the opportunity to see this company from the inside.

I am amazed by how they truly care about each and every customer and want to genuinely help. It's not something you see very often these days.

I know if I ever feel myself slipping, there will always be support on the NutraTalk Group or a simple phone call to help me stay on track!

What I've learned on this whole self improvement journey:

It's funny how these little decisions we make are all connected even though at the time they seem totally unrelated. Sometimes the result is exactly what we need and we just have to go for it and trust the process.

I had no idea by making the decision to go back to school for a career change would get my health back on track, but it did! It all lead me to Nutracelle and I am so thankful that I took a chance!

I just want to thank Melanie and her amazing team for welcoming me and helping me more than they’ll ever know! Even when my time is up for my work placement I know I will remain a part of the Nutracelle family and keep in touch! I have learned so much and am so grateful!

Some fun stuff about me!

Favourite smoothies to make with Nutracelle:

Favourite recipes to make with Nutracelle:

  • Pizza or coconut bread with my Natural Nutralean! I always reached for these types of foods over sweets my whole life. The bread is so easy! No whipping egg whites and no expensive almond flours like most other low carb bread recipes.

If you're thinking about jumping on the Nutracelle train, don't do what I did - don't wait! Check out and get started. You won't regret it.

Thank you for reading my story!  


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