by Nutracelle Staff September 20, 2018 4 min read

Hey Nutrafam!

I’ll start with a short introduction of myself

My name is Michelle. 

I am a wife and a mother of 2 amazing children.  I work 4 part-time jobs – 1 of which is with Nutracelle in customer service.  I enjoy my daily cup of coffee with 2 scoops of Chocolate Nutralean, which for me is odd since I usually don’t care for chocolate.

I did it for me

Yikes!  I have a hard time saying that because it makes me sound selfish and I feel that I am not a selfish person. “Did what?” you may ask. Join me on a little journey.

My weight has been an issue for most of my life

As a preteen, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and began having grand mal seizures.  The only medication that controlled this for me caused weight gain. As a teen, I found this very hard to deal with. It seemed to be so much out of my control too. I could always lose a little weight, but soon it would creep back. This went on for close to 15 years. 

Christmas of 2013, I knew something had to change. I was reading a story with my then 7-year-old son. He wanted to act out the story with me. He said I should be the cow. When I asked him why, he replied, “Because you are kind of big like a cow”. I knew in my heart he meant nothing hurtful by what he said, but still, my heart sank. I wasn’t the mom I wanted to be. I couldn’t run and play with him and his sister – I was always tired.


In February of 2015, I went for weight-loss surgery and got a sleeve. 

I knew it wouldn’t be easy and that I couldn’t abuse this tool I was given. It seemed far too easy for just over 2 years. Weight came off easy and was super easy to maintain.

This year, though, that all seemed to change.

This last one has been a hard one for our family. My husband has had a shortage of work this year – not for a lack of trying. This has put more stress on me to make sure the bills and mortgage and other necessities get taken care of. I’ve had to pick up more casual hours at the group home I work at and starting a 4th job only added to the stress of him not working.  Not only that, but everyone else and their needs came before my own.  I was feeling overworked, under-appreciated and stressed. How do I deal with stress? Well, I’m a stress eater.

Every morning began with good intentions – my coffee and Nutracelle.  Somehow by the afternoon, though, I’d be reaching for a couple chips with the phone call that he didn’t get that job he interviewed for and the rest of the evening would spiral from there. I ended up gaining weight over summer and could feel my anxiety and depression worsen.

I needed something to change. I needed to do something for my family.  Most of all, I needed to do something for me.

After having a discussion with my husband one night about all that was going on with me, I expressed interest in getting some help to get active. So, for our anniversary, he bought me this coaching package from Nutracelle!  Super romantic, hey?! When I clicked checkout, I started to feel nervous. Wasn’t sure how the whole training-from-a-distance thing would go.

Two weeks later, I am happy to report that it's going great! 

I have lost some weight and inches are coming off. Small things – like putting on a jacket that felt a little too tight and now is comfortable has been great for me! I have noticed that my anxiety and depression have been getting better over the last week. I feel happier to finally be doing something for myself!

I start my day with time by myself – running and listening to music or a podcast with a positive message to help me start my day. I live in a small community that does not have a gym. Blair (the certified trainer from the Women’s Training Package) has been great at putting together workouts that I can do at home.  I LOVE it!  I get daily check-ins and can message him anytime with questions or concerns that I may have. I think that this is another great product that Nutracelle offers and am so glad I purchased it.

I am excited to see the changes that are to come yet. I am so happy I decided to do this for myself!

If you're interested, check out the coaching page found here. I can't recommend it enough.

I'm looking forward to writing another blog next month to update you all on my progress again. 

Here's the most recent photo of myself and my family:

Stay tuned for more!

Nutracelle Staff
Nutracelle Staff

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