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Baby Showers, Temptations, and Healthy Choices: Gillian's Journey

Happy Wednesday you guys!


This blog post will be a daily log of events for my time spend with my family. I hope you enjoy!

Before the trip:

I’m away from home this week in beautiful Portugal Cove on the east coast of Newfoundland. I’m visiting my brother and family. I’ll be attending my eldest niece’s baby shower this weekend and anticipating the arrival of my youngest niece tomorrow! It’s been over a year since I’ve seen all three together so there’s lots of excitement in the air.

There they are!

Day 1: Travel Day
It was after 4 pm when we left. I had my smoothie at lunch and was feeling good. However, we didn’t stop at Tim Hortons until 7 pm for coffee. By this time, I was ravenous and decided to get a grilled chicken wrap, then I added that one little word that threw me off the rails: meal. That one word was the decision to add either potato wedges or a cookie/donut with the wrap. I chose the potato wedges, and then ate my meal like it was my last.

Lesson # 1 - Never let yourself get so hungry that you order things that you normally wouldn’t eat.

It was after midnight when I sat drinking my tea and my niece came home from a concert in the city. She was hungry and hauled out a large bag of chips. Immediately my mouth watered. Dear Lord, I watched as she poured a bowl for herself. My brother took the bag and started munching on them as well. I sat on my hands and was determined not to give in. Here was an open bag sitting on the table, so you know I had no choice. That’s right, I got up and put that bag back in the cupboard it had come out of. SCORE for me. I resisted temptation and was proud of myself for it! Well it’s 1:00 am and I’m off to bed. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Thursday, Sept 20:
This was the first day of my vacation and I slept like a log until almost 9:30 am. We stayed in today as it was raining off and on. I had a smoothie for breakfast and a cheesy burger bun with some lean turkey breast for lunch. Supper was a pork chop and salad. I was going to have yogurt and blueberries but on further inspection, the yogurt had 20 grams of carbs and 19 grams of sugar. Back in the fridge it went. Even if I weren’t doing Nutracelle I would not have eaten it. It just has way too many carbs and sugar for a diabetic. Folks, it pays to read labels!
I also stayed as active as I could, cleaning and tidying up a bit, lots of stairs today! I have stayed the course and had a wonderful time playing with the 3 kitties who live here! All in all, a lovely day.

Piper is too big to be a kitty, but she is definitely just as cuddly! 

Friday, Sept 21:
I had a great day and stayed the course with my smoothies. I also had a lovely supper of pan-fried cod (in olive oil of course) with lots of veggies and a salad. My sister-in-law made cookies for my niece’s baby shower and although I was tempted, I didn’t stray. Thankfully she had made some Nutracelle Chocolate Protein Balls and those saved me. It pays to be prepared and have support from family members. We also did a 30-minute walk around Voiseys Brook Park and went shopping after supper. Hoping for another great day tomorrow.

Saturday, Sept 22:
I had another lovely day. I was relaxing as my back as it was bothering me a bit. I also did some gift wrapping while my sister-in-law made more cookies and tea buns. Oh my, the aroma. I resisted temptation yet again, though! I made the hamburger stew from the Nutracelle cookbook for supper. We all headed to the movies that evening which didn’t bother me much at all. I never eat movie theatre popcorn, nor do I buy any kind of snack. I did well until someone mentioned Menchies after the movie.

(It’s our local frozen yogurt spot). I’m an ice cream and frozen yogurt junkie, so… I caved. I could not resist the lure of my favourite creamy, frozen treat. My will power flew out the window, tsk! I’ve already forgiven myself for that transgression and put it behind me though.

Sunday, Sept 23:
The day of my eldest niece’s baby shower. I was kind of apprehensive about this because I knew there would be a ton of food there. Here in Newfoundland, most social events and get togethers revolve around food. That’s very dangerous for someone trying to eat healthy. I didn’t really have a lot of time to make a smoothie for lunch as we had to leave early and set up tables and decorate the venue. It was apparent early on that my diet was going down the tube. I kept telling myself not to overdo things but once I was there, I caved. I told myself it was ok to have a “free” day. After all, it was a special occasion.

It was the wrong thing to do and bad way to justify over eating. I ate too much of the wrong food and ended up feeling sick and bloated. Right after the shower we headed to my nieces for a family supper. Needless to say, I felt like food was sitting in my throat all evening, I was so full. Not only because I ate too much, but I ate things I’m no longer used to eating. I think I may have learned a lesson this time around. Its 11pm and I’m still feeling quite bloated and yucky. Tomorrow is a new day, though. I’m jumping back on the wagon again in the morning.

Monday Sept 24th:
After yesterday, I put a very rough night. I awoke at 3:30am feeling quite ill. By 4am I was kneeling and praying to the porcelain Gods; I was violently sick. If there is one thing I’ve learned this weekend, it’s never to overload my stomach like that again. I was fine after that episode and managed to get back to sleep.
Since starting Nutracelle I’ve changed my eating habits drastically, but I thought that one splurge day wouldn’t bother me. I was so mistaken. I know now that I can no longer eat that way again. It’s only now that I realize the amount of damage I was doing to my body through years of treating myself like a human garbage can. Some lessons truly are learned the hard way.

It’s Monday, the start of a new week and time to put my diet transgressions behind me. I’m here for another few days and will update you all again next week as to how I did on the rest of my vacation! Stay tuned!
I don’t have a new recipe or pics this week as I’m still away. I’ve been cooking and baking repeat recipes for my family while here. They love the hamburger stew!

Today I’m making protein bread and Slimbits for them! I’ll have a new recipe for you next week!