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The 7 Amazing Ways Whey Protein Burns Fat

The 7 Amazing Ways Whey Protein Burns Fat


Whey protein is not a single protein but a collection of proteins and protein fractions (or peptides). Whey protein promotes weight loss in three important ways:

  1. First, protein reduces hunger, and whey protein simply does it better than other proteins.
  2. Whey protein also reduces fat stored by the body compared to carbs, fats, and other proteins.
  3. Whey protein significantly enhances the fat-burning effects of exercise

1. Less Hunger, Fewer Calories

Eating fewer calories than we use for energy is still the only proven way to lose weight. However, not all calories are equal. Some calories - such as those from sugars and processed carbohydrates - increase our hunger and reduce our fullness signals. These types of calories leave us feeling even more hungry, and as a result, we eat more than we meant to. Most of us can resist hunger for a few days, but few of us can rely on willpower and deprive ourselves for more than a few weeks.

That’s why most weight-loss diets don’t last very long.


2. More Filling. Way More Filling

Gram for gram, calorie for calorie, whey protein produces far more satiety (fullness) than other foods. In a recent study from the University of Washington School of Medicine, When subjects ate unlimited protein, they unconsciously reduced their daily eating by 441 calories per day and lost almost 11 pounds on average in 12 weeks. 

Why? Because they felt full and satisfied from the whey protein, so they naturally ate less.

3. Better than Other Proteins

Research has shown that whey protein reduces hunger the most. One study found that a whey protein “appetizer” reduced appetite for two hours, compared to just one hour for soy protein, while egg protein increased appetite.

What makes whey more filling? Whey has high levels of a peptide called glycomacropeptide (GMP), which is a powerful hunger-reducing nutrient. In addition to stimulating the production of CCK, whey protein lowers hunger by reducing levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Another recent study found that a whey protein drink produced a prolonged suppression of ghrelin - which is critical for weight loss.

Whey also increases fullness by activating opioid receptors in the gut. The peptides found only in whey protein bind to these opioid receptors, which then send a feeling of fullness to the brain that signals your body to stop eating.

4. Whey Protein Blocks Fat

A fascinating new line of research suggests that whey promotes body fat loss by blocking fat storage. In a recent French study, laboratory animals fed whey protein had the highest levels of lean body mass. Scientists are discovering why whey protein boosts fat loss in dieters, and they believe two specific components of whey: branched chain amino acids (particularly
leucine) and a protein fraction known as ACE inhibiting peptide are important.

5. Whey Protein Boosts Weight Loss

Exercise is essential to improve your health and for developing and maintaining a lean figure. High-protein diets have long proven to increase the effectiveness of exercise.

In a study from the University of Illinois, women followed two types of diets. A high-protein or a low-protein reduced-calorie diet plus an exercise program:

  • The women on the high-protein diet lost double the amount of fat.
  • And the women on the low-protein diet lost a lot of muscle. 
  • In fact, one-third of their weight loss was muscle weight they lost.

Losing muscle while trying to lose weight is one of the primary reasons women regain weight. When you use an ideal protein that is 100% Whey and not vegan or plant-based, you are protecting your muscle and targeting your fat stores. 

6. Whey Protein Converts Fat to Muscle

Many studies have shown that weight lifting helps gain more muscle on a high-protein diet. The amino acid profile of whey protein makes it much better at building muscle than regular food protein sources such as beef and other protein sources such as soy, casein or egg.

In fact, only whey protein significantly improves body composition.

7. Why Nutracelle is the Ideal Protein 

Nutracelle only uses 100% Whey Protein. Our products also have natural prebiotic fiber from the chicory root. This fiber slows the absorption of the protein, so your body can utilise almost all of it. Without this fiber, excess protein becomes excess calories, slowing weight loss.

So, how do you take advantage of all of this research to lose weight and improve your body shape with whey protein?


Be Informed

Not all protein is created equal. The highest quality whey proteins, like Nutralean's, are created through cross-flow microfiltration. This is a more expensive process that produces a very high concentration of intact proteins.

  • Cross-filtering also preserves the full range of whey protein peptides and their health benefits.
  • Cheaper processes involve the use of chemicals, so many of these peptides are destroyed.


Protein Spiking & Contamination 

Many manufacturers have been exposed with protein spiking - using cheap fillers to mimic the nitrogen tests that commonly measure protein.

  • Some labels claim as much as four times more protein than is actually in the product.
  • Consumers Reports found that most of the protein powders they tested were contaminated with heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead.
  • Fillers like cellulose are often imported from China, where animal pelts and even human hair are used.


Lack of Regulation in The U.S. 

  • Sadly, most nutrition products are made in the United States, where this is almost no regulation to ensure the purity and accuracy of ingredients.
  • Nutrition products in the United States can go to market without any safety, purity, or quality testing by the FDA. 


Choose Wisely

  • Nutracelle is proud to make our products and all the ingredients we use transparent.
  • We post our independent lab results so everyone can see exactly what they are getting. 
  • You can see our results right here: Nutracelle Independent Lab Test Results


The Canadian Advantage

  • We are proud to be 100% Canadian-Made.
  • Canada has one of the safest food supplies in the world thanks to high standards and regulations that ensure ingredient purity and efficacy.
  • Nutracelle has a Natural Product Number from Health Canada and we are proud to make all our products in beautiful Prince Edward Island Canada.