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The Snickers Comparison


Many of us don’t realize that some foods we think of as ‘healthy’ - such as plain popcorn, bananas, rice cakes, even whole wheat bread - spike our blood sugars as much as a Snickers bar! 


Why is this important? When you eat food, it raises your blood sugar, which can cause your body to release more insulin, which then tells your body to convert and store the extra sugars as fat. This is the reason the low-fat diet craze has caused so many of us to gain weight.


Follow the meal plans and guidelines in your NutraFit plan to choose the foods that will keep your blood sugars stable, help you to feel full and naturally burn more fat!

As far as our hormones and metabolism are concerned, there’s no difference between a bowl of unsweetened corn flakes and a bowl of table sugar. Starch is 100 percent glucose [table sugar is half glucose, half fructose] and our bodies can digest it into sugar instantly. ~ Dr. David Ludwig.

Nutracelle weight loss comparison chart

Realistic Weight Loss

Everyone hopes to lose weight each and every week. But the truth is, our bodies need pauses. Sometimes the scale will move down, other times it might even move up. This is often from retaining water. Simply drink more water and keep following the plan. It’s the long-term habits that win in the end!