by Nutracelle Staff February 15, 2019 2 min read

The Top 7 Keto Mistakes You Are Making

If you missed our last support webinar, we have a copy of it right here for you! In our latest free information session, Melanie has shared with you the top 7 Keto Mistakes You Are Making.  

If you've been following along, or thinking about trying, the keto lifestyle, this support webinar is for you!

TONS of amazing information:

  • What are ketones, how to eat to get into ketosis
  • The big protein myth
  • The most common 'low carb' foods that will take you out of ketosis
  • Are you deficient in some common nutrients?
  • Why I do not recommend 'bulletproof coffee' or other keto drinks
  • How your sleep and blue light can have a big impact on your metabolism
  • Do calories still matter?
  • Bonus: Intermittent fasting, meal timing & fat loss: learn what to eat and when

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Why I created Nutracelle

I'm a Mom of three who struggled with my weight for years, losing weight only to gain it all back again over and over.  When my family doctor told me I had developed pre-diabetes, I knew I had to do something different. In 2009, I had weight loss surgery and lost over 100 pounds.

Even though my surgery gave me life and my confidence back, I knew I needed to replace the flour and sugar in my food and change my eating habits - or I would regain the weight.

As a mom of children with life-threatening nut-allergies, I quickly realized there were no safe protein powders that were made in a nut-free facility. Every protein we could find, even if they didn't have 'may contain nuts' on the label - was made on the same equipment that also processed nut-flavours or ingredients.

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Nutracelle Staff
Nutracelle Staff

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