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Sugar Free Protein Cookie Dough Balls

Sugar Free Protein Cookie Dough Balls

Craving a sweet treat but you're not in the mood to cook? With Nutracelle, it's no need to spend hours in the kitchen to make delicious treats. Our latest recipe requires no baking and tastes amazing! On top of that, it has zero carbs and zero sugar!



These yummy high-protein cookie dough balls taste just like those your mom used to make. Better yet, they're packed with lean protein and have just 33 calories per serving. Long live the cookie fix without the guilt! Healthy eating is a breeze when you have the right ingredients!


Cookie dough balls are one of our favorite snacks because they're utterly delicious and easy to make. They take minimal prep time and fill you up instantly, so you'll longer crave unhealthy foods. It's a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and prevent the afternoon slump.


With 30 grams of protein per serving, Vanilla Nutralean is our key ingredient in this filling recipe. After all, it's considered the best protein for weight loss. It's chock-full of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, and iron. Each serving boasts 10 grams of prebiotic fiber, which aids in digestion and relieves bloating. We only use pure whey protein, so you'll get a lot of nutrition in just one scoop.


Due to their high protein content, these cookie dough balls keep hunger at bay and reduce cravings. In a study, overweight women who increased their protein intake from 15 percent to 30 percent consumed 441 fewer calories a day without changing their eating habits. Moreover, they've experienced dramatic reductions in body weight, appetite, and ghrelin levels.


A diet rich in protein will strengthen your bones and boost athletic performance. You'll focus better in the gym, feel stronger, and see your body changing in a short time. This nutrient improves your muscle-to-fat ratio and speeds up metabolism while suppressing appetite. You will no longer find it hard to build lean muscle and eat clean. For best results, lift heavy and stay active throughout the day.


Coconut oil, another healthy ingredient in these cookie dough balls, contains healthy fats that promote weight loss. According to researchers, this superfood reduces visceral fat and increases resting metabolic rate. Visceral fat surrounds your organs, such as the heart, liver, and gallbladder. In the long run, it puts you at risk for heart disease, metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, and premature death.


The health benefits of coconut oil are due to medium chain triglycerides. These fatty acids increase ketone bodies in your system, leading to fat loss. They also improve your body's ability to use calories for fuel, so you'll burn more calories. MCTs have been linked to reduced hunger and improved metabolic health.


These cookie dough balls are so easy to make that even a child could do it! Enjoy them day or night - your waistline will get smaller and your energy will go through the roof!

Here are the exact steps needed to make delicious, fat burning high-protein cookie dough balls:

xo Melanie