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Easy Air-Fryer Tuna Cakes

These bite-sized tuna rounds are an easy, hearty, delicious treat that won't break the bank.

Thanks to Natural Nutralean, these allergen-friendly, air-fryer patties are bursting with flavor and fiber, keeping you full for longer... absolutely guilt-free.  While we can't knock the tried-and-true tuna sandwich, this new spin on an old favourite is an exciting way to enjoy this healthy, high-protein snack. 

Ready in less than 20 minutes

This recipe is so easy to make, it requires just one bowl to mix the ingredients in and 15 minutes in the air-fryer.  Forget complicated steps, we want you to enjoy the process almost as much as the result!  That's why our recipes are family-friendly and created with busy parents in mind.  


Benefits of Tuna

Before we get to the benefits, let's chat about the best tuna to use.  The most common style is canned tuna in water, but you may be familiar with canned tuna in oil, too.  Which is better? Regardless of which you choose, both are high in protein and other essential nutrients, but canned tuna in oil is higher in calories and fat.  

Other benefits of tuna: 

  • inexpensive source of protein
  • low in calories
  • good source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • high in vitamin d
  • long shelf life

Plus it's delicious! That's really the main thing, right? And when you pair it with our Natural Nutralean (or NutraVegan) prebiotic protein powder, you take this high-protein snack into a hearty meal packed with protein, fiber, and more.

Natural Nutralean

If you're a fan of our flavored whey protein powder, like Vanilla Cream or Chocolate Dream, we highly recommend you add a bag of Natural Nutralean into your next order.  Natural Nutralean is our unflavored whey protein (also available for our plant-based friends: Natural NutraVegan) and it's the best secret-weapon to your health game!

This unflavored powerhouse blends in perfectly in sauces, oils, meats, spices, and more.  

Why add unflavored protein to your meals?

Did you know the average human should have at least 46g-56g of protein per day?  If you break that into meals, that's almost 20g of protein per meal.  In a perfect world we'd have the time, finances, and ability to prepare enough healthy meals to cover all of our required macronutrients.  The reality, though, is that it just isn't feasible for most.  

That's why we love adding Natural Nutralean, or NutraVegan, to our meals.  That extra boost of protein and fiber will not only benefit your body, but your brain too. 

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