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Keeping Your Gut Health in Check With Prebiotic Fiber

Keeping Your Gut Health in Check With Prebiotic Fiber

You’ve probably heard people say “gut health is important for overall health” or something along those lines. 

But what exactly is “gut health” besides having to do with your stomach? And even then, what does having a healthy stomach entail? 

We’ll break down what gut health means, outline the importance of prebiotic fiber in maintaining a healthy gut and provide you with gut-healing recipes using our prebiotic protein powder, Nutralean. 

What is gut health? Why is it important? 

When you see the words “gut health”, know that it has to do with what’s on the inside of your body, specifically your stomach + intestinal microbiome. The microbiome is “the makeup of bacteria and other microorganisms in the stomach and intestines”.

At a basic level then, gut health refers to the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria and microorganisms living within your stomach and intestines. A healthy microbiome is full of a diverse set of organisms. 

This diversity in microorganisms helps promote homeostasis throughout the body -- an overall balance of everything in your body! This balance of bacteria is said to influence how your brain processes information from your senses and even affect your emotions. With the ideal balance of bacteria, your body can function efficiently and adapt to changes in your external environment (for example, your immune system responding when you’re sick!). 

What role does prebiotic fiber play in a healthy gut? 

The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy gut lies in prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics are often thought of as fuel for probiotics (the good bacteria in your microbiome), allowing the healthy bacteria to flourish and do their job. While prebiotics are “food” for probiotics, they’re fibers that are not digestible by humans. Instead, the carbohydrate fiber (prebiotics) are fermented by the “good” bacteria in your intestines. The process of fermentation within the gut results in “short chain fatty acids.” These molecules do the work of regulating your body, serving as an energy source for your cells. Their influence on how energy is metabolized throughout the body points to their significance in avoiding metabolic diseases and obesity. Although prebiotic fiber itself is not digestible by humans, it is crucial to get an adequate amount to fuel those “good” bacteria for them to do their job (regulating inflammation, protecting you from fungi, etc.). 

How can I consume prebiotic fiber? 

Getting your prebiotic fiber is simple with Nutracelle’s Nutralean prebiotic protein powder! This nut-free, gluten-free, low calorie protein powder is packed full of prebiotic fiber with 8-10 grams per serving. The fiber promotes a satisfied, full feeling without bloat or the need to consume a ton of calorie-dense foods containing prebiotic fiber. With this, the prebiotic protein powder is ideal for weight loss, maintaining a healthy gut and in turn, overall health! 

Check out some of our favorite prebiotic fiber-filled recipes using the Nutralean protein powder here

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