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My 100 Pound Weightloss with Nutracelle

Hi, my name is Tracy and I've lost over 100 pounds with Nutracelle.

My Why - "I couldn't remember the last time I was really and truly happy with who I was because of my weight."

It was Christmas 2015.  I had made it through my most hated tasks: shopping and gift wrapping for this holiday season.  Both of those tasks were so strenuous on me; walking through stores and malls was exhausting and I was always so slow that I held everyone up which lead to me feeling humiliated and awkward all the time.  Wrapping required either sitting on the floor uncomfortable or trying to make room on my kitchen table.  I couldn’t physically sit on the floor and wrap gifts without pain. 

December 24th rolled around, and I was hanging out at our annual Christmas Eve party with my family and extended family.  I remember seeing my aunt take out her camera and instantly I stressed.  I knew she’d upload every single one of the photos to social media, and I hated photos of myself.  I instantly covered my face, or made ridiculous faces just to ruin the photos in hopes that they’d never make it online.  I went home that night and opted out of following my sister to her in-laws. 

I cried myself to sleep and decided that it was time to change.  I was tired of missing out on family photos, tired of hiding, tired of regretting the things I didn’t do and the things I wouldn’t do because of my weight.  I was depressed.  I hated going out in public, I was always tired, and it was a struggle to keep up to my sister’s children.  This is where my WHY comes in.  I wanted to be happy. I couldn't remember the last time I was really and truly happy with who I was because of my weight.

July 2015 vs October 2017

Why Nutracelle?

Soon after, in January of 2016, one of my best friends told me about Nutracelle and said, “You have to try it!” I won’t lie to you: I was hesitant. My hesitation stemmed from the horror stories I’d heard of how gross protein shakes were.  I was not looking forward to trying it.  I visited her one day around 5pm with an audibly hungry tummy.  As per my usual habit, I hadn’t eaten all day.  She promptly made me a shake with 2 scoops of Vanilla Cream Nutralean and handed it to me with a smile.  I was sold on my first sip, but it just got better after that!  It was like drinking vanilla ice cream, and I finished the shake in two minutes flat.  The part that really solidified my loyalty to Nutracelle was noticing that within 10-15 minutes my stomach had stopped rumbling and I was FULL! I felt a little twinge of hope that day.  My heart told me that this was it; this was the answer I so desperately needed.

I knew I was sold, but because of my financial situation I didn't want to dive right in. I went home and did my research: not only was it made RIGHT HERE in PEI but it was the only protein on the market that I could find with fiber. Of course back then I didn't understand prebiotic fiber the way I do now, but I knew that it was a good sign for Nutracelle if they're the only ones with it.  On top of that, I knew it was incredibly delicious, and filling.  My girl told me about the cooking/baking options, but I'm not much of a cook/baker so that didn't appeal to me.  NOW it sure does, though! I cook and bake Nutracelle recipes all the time and I love that I don't have to give the "bad" food up, I just make it healthy with my Nutralean!

I signed up within a week and haven’t regret it yet.

March 2016 vs November 2017

How did I do it?

The "how" is easy!  Nutracelle.  I made my Vanilla shake for breakfast, and I made my Vanilla shake for lunch.  I followed the NutraPRO plan for meal ideas and snack ideas, and I checked every single label.  I was going from a carb-heavy lifestyle to a low-carb, high-protein one and I was way out of my element.  Prior to Nutracelle my day looked like this:
Breakfast - nothing,
Lunch - nothing
Snacks - chips, chocolate bars, candy
Supper - either fast food, a bagel with peanut butter, or boxed mac and cheese.
I never cooked. It's actually an on-going joke within my family that when I started replacing meals with Nutracelle I started cooking more.  "Leave it to Tracy!" they say. 

Now my days look like this:
Breakfast & lunch - 3-4 scoop shake
Snacks - cheese, deli meat, green veggies, almonds
Supper - I either make a Nutracelle recipe (keep reading for my faves), or I make chicken or ground beef & broccoli slaw with Natural Nutralean thrown in with both the meat and the slaw.

On top of my weight loss, my life has improved all around thanks to Nutracelle.  I now get the ideal protein and prebiotic fiber that my body needs, and thanks to the multivitamin that comes with my order I'm getting my daily dose of all essential vitamins.  I sleep better and my hair, nails and skin have all improved too!  I have learned so much during my journey and I know that I'll never put myself, especially my body, through what I used to.  This is a lifestyle change.
November 2015 vs August 2017

My struggles

As with any journey, there have been struggles.Find me a weight loss journey that is effortless and I will find you a unicorn.  No, seriously.  Regardless of what route you take, weight loss is hard.  Focusing on your health is hard.  It's 100% worth it, but it's really hard. 

I have struggled and I have fluctuated.  I've gotten off track, and back on track more times than I can count.  Sometimes it's incredibly frustrating because I know that if I follow my plan I will succeed, so there's no reason to stop following the plan... but we do it.  Everyone does it. You eat something and ask yourself why you're eating it.  Then you eat some more of it.
The best part about Nutracelle is that it scientifically reduces your cravings.  You don't have to rely on mythical will power that doesn't exist.  There are only good decisions and bad decisionsNutracelle helps you make the good decisions but there's a catch of course.  If you don't use it consistently, it doesn't help.  Every time I've gotten off track has been because I stopped using my Nutracelle the way I should be.


My top 5 fave Nutracelle recipes:

My top 5 must-haves:

  • Almond/coconut flour - essential for replacing flour!
  • Coconut oil - all around amazing for you!
  • Natural Nutralean - it's my version of "Frank's" I put it in EVERYTHING! 
  • Egg whites - a main ingredient in most of the recipes I make.
  • Unsweetened coconut - great to have on hand for baking sugar-free sweets.

My top 5 tips for success:

  • Plan ahead - do weekly meal prep, and write everything down. 
  • DRINK WATER - your body will love you for it. At least 3 litres a day!
  • Take tons of before/during/after photos - you'll thank me for this. I promise.
  • Join in - support is so important. Our group is amazing! Join the family here.
  • Own your 'moments' - we all have slip ups.  It's okay, really. Just own them and learn from them. Make a plan (see tip #1) to prevent it from happening again.

Christmas 2015 vs October 2017

My wish:

I wish I could sit down with every person who wants to lose weight and tell them my story, one-on-one.  I wish I could tell them that they don’t have to struggle every day.  They don’t have to feel like it’s hopeless and it doesn’t have to be so hard.  Nutracelle saved my life, and it can save yours too.  I’ve never followed an easier plan and I’m NEVER hungry! I get to eat all of the things I love without having to feel deprived, and I'm still losing weight.  Just the other night I had protein ice cream.  Healthy, filling, ice cream, can you imagine how that feels? To eat ice cream and still lose weight.

Today as I sit here and write this I’m wearing a size 22 jean and thinking I need to go down to a size 20.  This time a year and a half ago I was wearing a size 32 pants (and they were tight).

If I can do it you can, too.   Keep an eye out for more posts from me! And of course if you ever need anything - whether you're a customer or not, you can reach me at I'm always here, you are not alone.