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Berry Explosion Vegan Protein Smoothie

This mouthwatering berry explosion smoothie is perfect plant-based recipe to get your day started on the right foot.  Exploding with both frozen and fresh berries, this smoothie is a mouthful of antioxidants and body-healing prebiotic fiber thanks to Vanilla NutraVegan.  Uniquely low in sugar, this beautiful smoothie is a great way to bring back the happiness of summertime fresh berries in a hearty, healthy way.

Made with our amazing vegan protein powder: Vanilla NutraVegan

This plant-based powerhouse is packed with only the highest quality ingredients and free from added chemicals or sugars, NutraVegan is your best bet for a delicious, filling, allergen-friendly protein powder.

Add it to your favourite recipes and watch it blend in perfectly, or make hearty yummy shakes like this berry explosion smoothie! More of a chocolate fan? No problem, check out this mouthwatering mint chocolate vegan pudding recipe here.

Vanilla NutraVegan makes this Wildberry Smoothie thick, creamy, and insanely filling thanks to our gut-healing prebiotic fiber.  If you're someone who struggles with digestion issues, leaky gut, IBS, or any other gastrointestinal issues - we may be the perfect product for you.  Thanks to the natural healing power of prebitoic fiber from the acacia tree, our product heals your body from the inside out. Learn more about prebiotic fiber here.

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