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Plant-Based Blueberry Lemon Protein Smoothie

Few things are tastier than the tried-and-true combination of blueberry and lemon.  Whether it's in muffin, loaf, cupcake, or smoothie form - these two sweet, powerful flavors are the perfect pair... especially when they team up with our Vanilla NutraVegan.  This smoothie is gluten-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free, and entirely guilt-free.  Packed with Nutracelle's allergen-friendly plant-based protein powder, your breakfast smoothie just got a whole lot more tasty AND filling.

Frozen Blueberries vs. Ice. What Makes this Smoothie SO creamy?

We've tried it both ways and we just have to say - we love keeping it as simple as possible, so we're team 'frozen blueberries' instead of ice.  Not only is the colour way prettier (yeah, it matters) when you use frozen blueberries and skip the ice, but you really get the most out of that sweet, tangy zip from the bluebs' too. 

While we're on the topic though, we've got some handy smoothie-making tips you might want to check out.

Tips for making the creamiest smoothie:

  • Blend everything but your protein powder (regardless of brand!) first! Blending your ice, frozen fruit, and other liquids/additives into a smooth mixture before adding in your protein powder will really step up your smoothie game.  This allows for the powder to mix the easiest, and it'll really highlight just how creamy Nutracelle's protein powders make your smoothies.  The before/after is insane!
  • If you're using cream cheese, bring it to room temperature before adding into your smoothie.  Depending on your blender strength, sometimes those little bits of cream cheese can be tough to break down in your smoothie.  Skip the hassle and bring your cream cheese out a couple of hours prior to use, or even the night before (keep in a cool-ish area, as it is dairy!)
  • Consistency struggles? If your smoothies are typically too thick, try adding 1/4 cup of liquid of choice and blending until smooth to check consistency.  If you find your smoothie isn't thick enough after adding your protein powder and blending, you can use more Vanilla NutraVegan as a thickener! Bonus: the more protein and fiber you add to your smoothie (either thanks to NutraVegan or adding ingredients like chia seeds/flax), the more-filling your smoothie will be!  

Our Plant-Based Vanilla NutraVegan Levels this Smoothie up


When it comes to high-quality protein powders, we love setting new standards for quality, ingredients, and taste.  Our plant-based powerhouse NutraVegan is no exception!  Made with only the best vegan ingredients, this gut-friendly protein powder is gluten-free, tree nut-free and peanut-free and is made with natural ingredients like real vanilla.  

This protein powder shocks people constantly because it blends so perfectly in hot or cold liquids.  Shh don't tell our Nutralean, it's pretty great too but... NutraVegan actually mixes even better! We all know that whey protein will curdle if you add it into hot liquids, but did you know that our NutraVegan WON'T?  For example: You can add Chocolate NutraVegan straight into hot water and boom, you've just made yourself a healthy, sugar-free hot chocolate that tastes surprisingly incredible.

Learn more about our NutraVegan protein powders here.

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