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Strawberry Rhubarb Vegan Smoothie

Some flavors just bring you right back to Grandma's back yard.  A pairing that was made for each other, strawberry and rhubarb are the perfect compliment to our NutraVegan in this tasty, creamy smoothie.  Rhubarb boasts a sour, tangy flavor with a subtle sweetness that's brought out by the wonderfully sweet, sometimes-sour, frozen strawberries.  This easy smoothie is allergen-friendly, made with all plant-based ingredients, and is just simply... delicious.

Why we chose rhubarb for this high-protein, vegan smoothie

The pairing of strawberry and rhubarb is certainly not a new one, but do you know why rhubarb is such a great addition? Turns out... It's great for your gut!  Specifically the stalks have been found to improve digestion and gut health.  

We're all about gut-health here at Nutracelle, which is why we spent years formulating our allergen-friendly protein powders:  The goal was to incorporate a gut-healing fiber that was gentle, effective, and kept you feeling full... in comes prebiotic fiber.   

Creating healthy smoothies like this Strawberry Rhubarb Vegan smoothie and pairing the amazing fibrous power of rhubarb with our prebiotic fiber is a recipe for gut success.  If you want to learn more about prebiotic fiber and how it can benefit your gut, click this link here.

Fun fact about rhubarb: The redder the stalk, the sweeter the flavor! Neat, huh?

Make this tasty smoothie with Vanilla, Natural, or even Chocolate NutraVegan!

The best part of our recipes is how versatile they are.  For the most part, you can substitute your favourite Nutracelle protein powder (be it Nutralean or NutraVegan), even if it's not the recommended flavor in the recipe.

For example, strawberry and rhubarb also pair perfectly with our Chocolate NutraVegan.  Rich, real cocoa creates the best chocolate-y flavor around in our nut-free chocolate protein powder.  Use it in this smoothie for a new twist on a traditional favourite.  Think... chocolate covered strawberries with a hint of sour rhubarb. Deeeeelish!

We recommend using our Natural NutraVegan in this smoothie.  Wait, isn't that unflavored?! You are correct!  Our incredible unflavored protein powders are perfect for baking, adding into your already-fav recipes, and for using in yummy flavored smoothies like this one!

Will Natural NutraVegan change the flavor of this smoothie?
It won't change the flavor of this smoothie, but it will reduce some of the sweetness.  If you love it sweet, simply add extra berries or some of your favourite non-sugar sweetener to balance.  And if you're a fan of the less-sweet options... adding Natural NutraVegan is probably a great fit for you! Check it out here.