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Keto Gluten-Free Vanilla Pound Cake

Keto Gluten-Free Vanilla Pound Cake

Better than the real thing

If pound cake is your thing, you should grab your grocery list and start adding the ingredients for this recipe right now.  This Nutracelle vanilla protein pound cake is next-level delicious and truly healthy.  I knew as soon as I sliced into it that it had that same nostalgic, hearty-yet-sweet pound cake taste I remember enjoying at my grandmother's.

The cake is obnoxiously good. Shockingly, I would argue better than the real thing. My first bite was one of those eyes-open-wider moments and I let a little squeal of delight out.  "Nailed it!" I whispered to myself, proudly fist-bumping.

Pound cake was a staple in my childhood. I've always loved the crumbly, sugary topping and the sweet lemon glaze underneath it.  I've never been much of a frosting gal, but a glaze will get me every time.

However following a low-carb lifestyle typically means no more pound cake.  Thanks to Vanilla Nutralean, I was able to enjoy this clone of the real deal absolutely guilt-free without sacrificing my healthy eating plan.  Made with coconut flour and our prebiotic protein powder, this allergen-friendly version of a traditional favourite is a filling, high-fiber version that heals your gut from the inside out.

Honestly though, I probably had you at guilt-free cake.  #dreamcometrue

Vanilla Nutralean Prebiotic Protein Powder

I absolutely love baking with Vanilla Nutralean; it's been integral to my weight loss.  Not only is it gluten-free, keto-friendly and made with all-natural ingredients, but it's the only truly peanut-free and tree nut-free prebiotic protein... like, ever. In existence.  How neat is that? We are literally changing the way some family's eat thanks to our allergen-friendly formula.  

Plus with the launch of our NutraVegan line, we can proudly boast that we also have a product that's free of the TOP 14 ALLERGENS! Amazing. 

Back to Vanilla Nutralean: I use it to replace some sweetener and flours in pretty much every baking recipe that calls for vanilla anything.  Initially when I first started using Nutracelle products to lose weight (you can read my first 30 days with Nutracelle here) I was hyper-focused on drinking decadent delicious smoothies. 

Don't get me wrong, that was a wonderful introduction to the product. 

However!  My biggest eye-opener was adding it to recipes I was already accustomed to making (which were few and far between) and making Nutracelle recipes from the website.  Once I really learned how versatile it was and how filling it made everything, I realized how much of a secret weapon it is.

When you get to enjoy the foods you love and they actually make you feel full, it truly makes losing weight (and food itself) SO enjoyable.  There've been very few times (I won't pretend like it's always easy!) where I've felt dissatisfied with my healthy options.  Let's be real, sometimes you just really want the bad food.  You're human, it's okay.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure your eggs are room temperature (and your butter/cream cheese). I used to ignore it when a recipe told me to make sure my eggs and cream cheese were room temperature.  After working with cream cheese as often as I have, though, I definitely see the value in that.  Recently though, I've started (begrudgingly) listening to the egg recommendation and what do you know: it's TRUE!  My recipes (like this yummy keto pound cake) have turned out much better since I've started allowing my eggs to come to room temperature.
  • Let your cake cool completely before pouring your glaze on.  Mine was about 85% (learn from my mistakes) and it still worked out great but I really should've just let it completely cool. 
  • For a lemon pound cake, add 2 TBSP lemon zest (from 1 large lemon) and 1 TBSP lemon juice.  

I topped our vanilla pound cake with some homemade raspberry jam that our neighbours gifted us recently. It was the perfectly drizzle especially after I chilled the cake overnight.  

Keto Gluten-Free Vanilla Pound Cake

    It's best if sliced thin, don't ask why

    Ignoring the photo I took prior to this realization: I recommend slicing it thin just like traditional pound cakes.  There's something about those thin, soft slices topped with a sweet lemon-y glaze that brings me right back to my grandmother's kitchen after getting off the bus from school.  The only thing missing is the standard class of milk she always lovingly had waiting for me. 

    I hope you make and enjoy this gluten-free vanilla pound cake as much as our family did!  As you can see in the photos, we topped ours with a homemade raspberry jam for a yummy twist on a traditional treat.

    Thanks for reading!